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Posted by parhad on August 27, 2001 at 23:36:25:

I'm going to do my damndest to make the Hammurabi monument fly before giving up on it in a few weeks. We're finally moving and I'm moving on. There is no point in carrying over this old baggage.

Look folks... If you paid the laborors no salary to build the Titanic, and if no one made any money, as in profit, on building the ship, it still would have cost a few million dollars back then. That's because oak and steel and bronze and rivets and tile and copper and marble...all cost money.

At the sight of $150,000.00 for the Hammurabi, everyone is convinced that I'm pocketing $149, 900.00...and the total cost of a hunk of metal CAN'T be more than a hundred bucks. Do youselves a favor and don't stay stupid...if I leave you all with nothing else...learn something you can then sound smart about, and impress your friends with...learn something about the Art scene and the cost and construction of public monuments.

Until we installed the Ashurbanipal, there had been no Assyrian Monument installed anywhere for over 2500 years. It's a bit of an achievement for us all, don't you think? I'm beginning to feel defensive about having done it, and downright foolish as I keep proclaiming.."No No, honest...I didn't make any money on the deal...NONE"! People who aren't Assyrian hear this and think I must be nuts...what do I expect to raise a family with? Can I even BE sensible if I go on this way?

The rubber mold of just the figure will cost $19,000.00. That's just to make it. And we'll only make ONE casting of the monument. You get what you pay for...yes it IS expensive, but consider what you get in return...we will have a monument, a "product" that will last 100, 600, 1000 years, and with a minimum of upkeep and maintenance will look as good the day it was installed as 1000 years later. And this time, no change in regimes will result in its much as any of us can foretell the future.

There is not a single more cost efficient way to tell our story...the only flaw in the idea is whether we WANT to tell our story. Others are telling theirs and they reap the benefits of it...why not US, for god's sake why not us?? Especially as we have so much to gain, so little to lose...but so much to lose if we remain silent much longer?

I'm getting tired of all of this, you are too, and would if you were in my place. I can get nothing but respect and success out there, from other people. I have arrest and abuse and villification to look forward to with us. It isn't that everybody does it and no one appreciates the's just that we aren't used to standing up, and standing we let the loud mouthed idiots among us determine what "Assyrian" will mean. That's the stupidest thing we do. Would we allow our children to be villified and bad mouthed the way we allow our ancestors and Heritage to be?

Ask that...and you'll know what to do...for yourselves, your children. your parents, your ancestors, your Heritage...YOURSELVES.

Get to heaven, by all means, and get that reward promised to you...god knows you've earned it if it can be earned through humiliation...but just try to live a more decent and proud life here on earth. Set an example to those coming after us.

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