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More Nonsense

Posted by parhad on August 28, 2001 at 10:25:39:

Many founders of today's scientific disciplines-Kepler, Galileo, Boyle, Ray, Newton, Priestley, Maxwell and Faraday- drew attention to fruitful interactions between their science and their faith.

Darwinian evolution has been used to justify capitalism, communism, racism and other ism.

40% of American scientists believe in a personal God who answers prayer.

Dr Denis Alexander

>>>100% of that "40%" believe God has answered their prayers when another child dies in Iraq, and the gasoline they need drops in price...a sure sign that god listens to their prayers and the Bloody Bastard is at his old stand conducting business in the usual manner.

>>>100% of them also believe that God had to butcher his own why not a bunch of Iraqi children?

>>>These people who get doctorates for studying Theology should be stripped of rank. How would it be to still be giving doctorates to people who taught the world was flat? The nonsense they "learn" is hardly a discipline at all. Some facts about a Mar One and Two, some dates of church "history"...rewritten of course (They just forgave Galileo a few years ago)...and you have such a litany of nonsense and peurile "facts" as you should be ashamed to honor the person who completes these "studies" and uses the term "Dr" before his name. How about "Orderly" instead?

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