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Kurds and Qurds and Turds...

Posted by parhad on August 28, 2001 at 23:52:30:

Now I know why I'm being blocked at aina. There is an obvious attempt being made to demonize Kurds. It wouldn't be so grotesque if the real safety of real people wasn't placed in jeopardy by these "activists" on their butts in safety.

It WAS true that these guys are only interested in Assyrian Christians killed by Moslems or Kurds too...and don't give a hoot in hell for Assyrians who are killed by Christians...Christians from the countries these guys hide out in while they urge I don't know what against the Kurds.

In this context too it seems that Dr. Moradkhan is causing more trouble than anything else. When Narsai first mentioned this wacko scheme, I was skeptical to say the least. I've known the good doctor for some time and he is one of those "nationalists" who cry a lot and wail and wallow in the loss of "Nineveh, dear Nineveh". His idea sounded plausible enough, but he was not the man for the job.

In the video of their trip which was shown to us at Narsai's talk last week, you could see Dr Ashur (that's what we call him) looking drawn and wan. He has shrunk a good deal and in his baseball cap and dangling feet, seated on a chair that nearly swallowed him, he hardly looked like he could support the role he's taken on. Not only that but whatever dental skills he has were picked up 100 years ago, hardly cutting edge stuff. Yet people wanted to believe...they liked the idea, it was so noble sounding etc... That even I backed off and said very little about it...though I had serious reservations.

I told Narsai today I all but told him not to get involved with the idea. It turns out that Dr. Ashur has researched Assyrian Flag designs and wants to hoist one up a flagpole in the villege of Bebedeh. This is the small village whose houses are falling in on each other, that half the houses in don't have roofs, the well has no pump, and this man wants to run the Assyrian flag up a preparation for being sent up it himself, at which aina will take up a collection and protest his "cruel treatment" up a pole.

You don't do things like this when you're surrounded by Moslems who are fighting and dying and trying to run that region WHATEVER you think about who "owns" the country. People own what they possess...and the village of Bebedeh doesn't have the piss to put in the pot they don't have to put it in. They need a patriotic flag like they need a dentist.

We have a hard core of hard headed people who have a romantic notion that what was "theirs" 3000 years ago and 600 years ago is still "theirs". And if it takes a few murdered Assyrian Christians to "tell" the world, well they're willing for those OTHER Christians to get killed. Well??...these guys have to live on so they can form a "government"...don't they???

I bet the good doctor wants really to get his ass crucified over there, and there are any number of Raman's willing to help him. No one...not a one of these patriots, gives a damn for the actual living conditions of the Assyrian Christians still stuck there.

And another thing...I'm not going to make distinctions any longer between dead and starving Assyrian children and Moslem or Kurdish ones. I don't "believe" in Jesus at all...but taking him at his word, I don't think he would have either.

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