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Posted by parhad on August 29, 2001 at 09:08:53:

AINA is A true Assyrian voice

>>>It's a whiney and whimpy voice then.

AINA is our Assyrian voice until the time we have a formal and proper Assyrian representation recognised worldwide.

>>>That day will never come. You cannot get three Assyrians on the southside of Chicago to agree to anything, and the three of them would have serious "problems" with four Assyrians on the northside...and all of them would argue and spit at the Assyrians of Detroit who are feuding with those of Flint and the whole rat's nest of 'em are pissed at Assyrians on the West Coast where there has been a raging controversy between Assyrians from the North versus those of Los Angeles who think the San Diego Assyrians are stupid, and the whole lot of them are convinced that the Assyrians of Yonkers are crooks. That's before you factor in the 165 versions of Christianity they all have which they'll swear to their dying day has kept them all "unified" under one Jew carpenter.

The Kurds are our neighbours and we all love to live in peace. Since the start of the Kurdish revolt and up to the present Kurdish-ruled zone the Assyrians were and are the victims of forced mass migration from their villages.

>>>That's ridiculous and also a lie.

These villages were taken by rival Kurds or destroyed by the generals' orders. It is true that we have a symbolic presence in the zone due to this migration in which we were and are not part of its causes. We just been caught in the middle. It is true Christians are represented in the forming structure of the zone but not every Christian represent the aspiration of our Assyrian masses.

>>>Your masses have no "aspirations". The few Assyrian Christians left there want roofs over their heads and jobs and schooling for their kids. They share those aspirations with every Kurd, Hottentot and New Yorker. Guys like you and the valiant fighters of aina want your balls stroked for you by some recognition of a "claim" you have to a country that hasn't been "yours" for centuries. And you'll "agitate" from safety and don't mind at all if you set up some "victims" and martyrs over there.

Only Christians with Assyrian identity and Assyrian national thinking do represent the Assyrian stand.

>>>You got THAT right, and they stand knee-deep in bullshit now with guys like you shovelling more on every day. "Assyrian National Thinking", is an oxymoron...a stupid cow to you. There is no "thinking" to it at all, quite the opposite really. There is no "nation"...and Assyrians were never so stupid as to demand and beg and whine...Christians do it all the time, down on their knees no less.

We reject to be treated as the minority Turkman who do not have a real presence in the zone. The Assyrians are no part of PKK, KDP and PUK rivalies and stop Assyrianise the Kurdish failure. The Assyrians must have a real representation for being the native people, based in proportional Assyrian presence in the zone as a whole and taken into account the real Assyrian presence prior to autumn 1961.

>>>Blow it out your Assyrian. Assyrian Christians can't "must" anything. They will get what they earn, there is no world welfare desk where you apply for "Back countries" like you do for back-pay.

Most importantly the zone should assert law and order with power and punishment for any violation especially against the Assyrians and the governing authority must not cower by powerful tribal chieftains.

>>>Oh absolutely must they and must not they. And just why would they listen to you? Does your newsboy or butcher or the parking metermaid listen to you that the Kurds "must"?

Until a proper Assyrian representation is established AINA will remain the genuine and truer voice of the Assyrian people. Long live the Assyrian nation.

Dr George Habash, UK

>>>aina is one shallow Christian voice with a bias towards making ridiculous statements, fomenting doubt and suspicion and of course running and hiding. This is NOT an Assyrian anything. They are weak to middling Christians who hide behind "Assyria" cause they make even worse Christians. This "voice" of yours can't tolerate a discussion without getting the vapors and the Fan Todds and having to rush upstairs and lie down. They can't even venture onto another Forum so brave and resolute are they...yet they spur on people back there, surrounded by Muslims and living in daily fear, who must find the courage and hope to go on each day....and these idiots sit in Chicago and want to "Must" people around? Not an Assyrian thing in them....Assyrians never behaved that way...the whole world knows that.

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