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Jesus H Christ!!!

Posted by parhad on August 29, 2001 at 11:16:10:

To All,

The following was a press release from the KDP regarding the issue of Youkhana Yalda Khaie, the Assyrian-Chaldean arrested and tortured by the Kurds in Northern Iraq. As we can see, after the pressure that the Kurds received regarding this issue, the Kurds are now setting a trial date for Mr. Khaie.

>>>George!! You're like the rooster who thought it was due to his crowing that the sun came up each day. You guys had nothing at all to do with Akbulut getting a spanking, though you did provide a good audience who then witnessed Turkish justice at its "finest". Neither do your "protests" have any bearing on a trial date being set. You guys have been issuing demands like farts from a bean eating Mexican about all sorts of things to no avail....and yet if one or two things happen to coincide with any of the ten zillion demands you make of world leaders and say it was because of YOUR efforts!! That is embarassing and I wish you guys would cut it out.

The date, as you can see, is September 2, which is a date that is so near to the point that it can never be attended by any representative.

>>>What the hell would a representative DO there? Do you actually think that the presence of Father Mishmash or a lower level dog catcher from Belgium is going to have any impact on anyone anywhere. Get out of people's hair and let them run the country as they have the right to do. In this life you earn your rights and privilleges and those who go running because of "attacks" are in no position, moral or otherwise, to issue anything to anyone. You guys are hardly an example of fairness or openess or democratic anythingness that you should issue demands to anyone. Send Hanna Hajjar if you's just his sort of place.

I am suggesting that the KDP must be pressured to stop this nonsense.

>>>George, sweet cheeks...the only nonsense here is yours. You hardly know any of the facts in the case and judging by what passes for "investigation" and "fairness" among you birds here, I doubt if you'd know a fact, if it wasn't smeared with hummous, if it walked up to you. You guys display the most blatant "Turkish" qualities I've ever seen, and if others knew more about you they would agree in a heartbeat...than even Turks do.

I am calling upon all our people to help us in pressuring the regional KDP dictatorship government and free Mr. Khaie and make his case an example of Democracy to follow for all Assyrians, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomens and Yezidis living in the region.

>>>God I wish you guys would shut up already. Maybe you could form a group and go on tour, take your act on the road. Call yourselves the "Demanding Dunces" or "George and Peter Paul Younan and Mary". If you don't sound like a little brat sitting among his toys demanding someone go out and get him some more or he'll turn blue by holding his breath...I don't know what.


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