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Jackie Bijan

Posted by Robert Oushalem on August 30, 2001 at 00:16:30:

I read your dissection of a dear friend of mine and I did not appreciate it one bit. I bleived I was going to respond and inadvertently I added my name to your board. If you or anyone else believes I endorsed your diatribe against Mrs. Bijan, you are sorely mistaken. I want to clarify it that the followup was done out of error and my lack of sophistication on the use of the computer. So in order to clear the air, I am instructing you, Mr. Parhad, not to represent that I endorsed your comments or opinions about Jackie. On the contrary I find your metaphor of you being the downtrodden Assyrian warrior waging a battle against Jackie. Your depiction makes Jackie out to be the "evil empire". With all respect to you as an artist, you are not in the position to criticize this women. We only hear or see you at the conventions when you are hawking your art. Although it is quite good, and I am proud of your accomplishments, we never hear about you until the conventions. On the other hand, Jackie is working hard each and every day on behalf of our community. It is through her tireless efforts that we even have a sucessful Assyrian organization in San Jose. We all have our own selfish reasons for not getting involved. Yet Jackie, with a family of her own, continues to strive to make our community a thriving ethnic arm of San Jose. One that has the ear of city hall. Jackie has worked hard for our benefit and I do not appreciate you accusing her of engaging in underhanded activities. You haev maligned a respected member of our community and I beleive you owe Mrs. Bijan an apology and ask for her forgiveness. Whatever your intentions were, benevolent or otherwise, I think your methedology is questionable. Remeber, the convention is from her efforts and those who assister Jackie.. Not you, or any other outsider who holds themselves out as a devout Assyrian. So in conclusion, I hope you peacefully resolve your differences with Jackie. This web site is not the appropriate forum for venting your spleen and seeking to diminish Jackie in the eyes of the Assyrians of San Jose.

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