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aina is Torture...

Posted by parhad on August 30, 2001 at 02:00:48:

Over at aina they are showing off an application made to Amnesty International regarding the tortured fellow. It's a wise move to get a prisoner's name out there. It has no bearing on the case of course, doesn't mean anything by itself, but it might make people a little more careful over there.

I wish people over here would be a little more careful as well. They say he was beaten with a cable on his legs. My first response was, they should go down to Alabama or to Rikers Island in New York, or Corcoran State Pentitentiary if they want to hear about torture. I don't know if they really are that naive at aina, or they're pretending to be shocked that these kinds of things exist at all...or are they trying to pretend that ONLY Kurds do these things in jails?

It seems everyone wants to make something out of this man's misery right now. It's another opportunity for Raman and the Boys to score "show the world" what savages the Kurds are.

I can't think of a more savage thing to do than deliberately starve children in order to get their parents to topple a dictator the world's Superpowers couldn't, or wouldn't. How's that for brutality? A half a million children in Iraq killed and these assholes refuse to say a thing about it, yet they cry up a storm when Moslems beat a Christian. It seems Christians can get away with murder...which they have been doing. Maybe that's why they are not "liked" back there.

If these guys were honest and sincerely concerned over the treatment of Assyrians, they would protest long and loud about the hellish conditions they've been subjected to by the Christian West...and they would try to help those of us in the north who have schools now and curricula taught entirely in our language, and many good and positive things to build on...and they would be more careful about inflaming passions against the Kurds in their ridiculous quest for a country they think will be given to them if the world learns the "truth" about Kurds. The truth about prison guards, American or Kurdish, is that they torture and beat and maim and kill prisoners all the time.

The treatment he has been subjected to is nothing new and he should be spared as much of it as possible. But there IS something new being tried in the north and that has hope and promise in it, and if these guys were interested at all in the welfare of all Assyrians over there, they would do all in their power to help the situation shore up its strengths, and not trumpet and emblazon its weaknesses and shortcomings.

They are playing with the lives of helpless people back there...and they want more incidents of torture, not less. And I'll say it to their faces, if they ever come out from hiding.

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