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Cancer is Moslem

Posted by parhad on August 30, 2001 at 02:10:21:

What a strange world we inhabit, I mean in this community. An Assyrian Christian killed at any time by a Moslem is a martyr, respected and wept over. The young girl with cancer is wept over and lamented, with people asking us not to let her die. Of course we shouldn't let her die. But what in gods name propels us to keep silent about all the children in Iraq who are GETTING cancer as a result of the bombs and materials dropped there?

If Lina lived in Basra and got her cancer from being exposed to the depleted uranium from a bomb casing, could her family expect to get any interest or sympathy from Assyrians in the West? Would she then be one of those "Iraqi kids", possibly Assyrian, that Raman and the boys got so sick of hearing about?

Would her tragic condition be less complelling than it is? What if she was Moslem and suffering from the same effects of US bombs...would we give a damn? Do you have to be threatened by Moslems or a cancer to "matter"?

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