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Note From Mr. Marzillier Regarding The Forum With Ross

Posted by parhad on August 31, 2001 at 01:45:02:

>>>I finally got a response. You can see here that I seem to have irritated him somewhat. I'll admit I lost his e-mail address and could find only Dr. Wieder's.

>>>What I find interesting, especially upon reflection, is how significant are the rights of some people, including their right to get pissed off, when compared to the insignificant rights or feelings of others...especially "dark" others. Here Ross has said about the worst things about us he could...about us as ASSYRIANS...and both he and Marzillier were VERY upset that WE took any offense, or had the gall and temerity to ask to be contradict and upset the great White Master.

Marzillier had the same imperious tone when we met, and Ross too had that arch superiority it would have been a delight, and oh so simple, to smash back into their own pasty faces. But that's not what I was there for, and I promised them both I, and we, would behave...

Dear Mr. Parhad:

I did get your phone message, and we did communicate by email at the
beginning of August, so I do not appreciate your emailing the college
president and assorted other administrators, saying I am not responding,
before giving me the chance to. You are well aware of our Valley College Web
site -- that's how Professor Ross's Web site was first accessed -- and from
that Web site, you can access my email address. So, there is no excuse for
this behavior. Please communicate directly with me in future.

Today was our opening professional development day, and I spoke briefly with
Dr. Ross. He and I thought that Monday, September 24, 2001 at 2 p.m. would
be a good time to hold the debate on campus. We thought that one of our
history professors should be invited to give a brief, neutral background on
the ancient Assyrians, and then we would allow both you and Dr. Ross to
present each of your points of view on the issue, with equal time to each of
you (say 5 minutes?), followed by a question and answer session from the

Let us know what you think of these tentative plans, and then we will
proceed from there.

Leon Marzillier

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