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How to qualify for the honour of "ekimmu"

Posted by andreas on September 03, 2001 at 01:59:03:

How to qualify for the honour of "ekimmu" ...

There are classical ways of becoming an ekimmu:

.... violent/premature death, unfulfilled love and improper burial ..... etc.

But endowed with the proper psychic disposition and/or mental (dis-)configuration also a tragically misunderstood "scalptor" will surely qualify, nay, he will outrightly gravitate towards this apogee of his fate and destiny.

Isn't this really a shining example of preservation of true and living "Assyrian heritage" through the storms of times?

And more: Is this perhaps the next step in the relentless and unstoppable (d)evolution of the true, the pagan Assyrian culture?

Thank you, Parhad!

One of the most feared of aincent vampires, found among the Assyrians and Babylonians. It is said to be a departed spirit, the soul of a dead person unable to find peace. The creature wondered over the earth waiting to attack. There were many ways in which a person could become an Ekimmu, among these were violent/premature death, unfulfilled love and improper burial.

In ancient Assyria, the evil ghost of one who was denied entrance to the underworld and was doomed to wander the earth. "Ekimmu" means "that which is snatched away." One became an Ekimmu by dying a violent or unsavory death, such as by murder, in battle, drowing, or succumbing to exposure in the desert, which left the corpse unburied. The spirits of buried corpses also could become an ekimmu under other conditions: if the proper funeral rites were not observed at graveside; if the person died without surviving family; or if the spirit had no one to care for it.

The ekimmu was greatly feared, for it would attach itself quite easily to virtually any living person regardless of whether that person had been acquainted with the dead one. So much as looking at an impure corpse could result in being haunted by the ekimmu. At the least, the ekimmu was a nuisance, and at the worst, it could cause the deaths of an entire household. Once attached to the living, it is extremelt hard to exorcise.

Ancient Assyria

Violent or other unsavory death that left a corpse mutilated or unburied was the prelude to a soul's tortured existence as an ekimmu. One could also become an ekimmu if the proper funeral rites were not observed at the graveside; if there was no surviving family; or if no body cared for the soul. The ekimmu found the gates of the underworld closed to it. It wandered the earth, becoming a curse to anyone unfortunate enough to attract its attention. The ekimmu brought misfortune and death to its victims and their households. Its howling in the night warned the living of their impending demise.

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