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The pleasure is all mine: Heia Safari in Parhadland

Posted by andreas on September 03, 2001 at 11:44:21:

In Reply to: Re: No, you only saw what your magic mirror cabinet of allegations reflected to you posted by parhad on September 03, 2001 at 10:27:18:

The pleasure is all mine: Heia Safari in Parhadland

But didn't I say just that all the time:

Even in your "wildest dreams" you can't reach reality.
But help is near and there is a proven way out of your quagmire:

Simply wake up!

But that's so painful ... all the cruel light in your little eyes ... mmmh, I see ... great problem for little goblin Poorhead

Sometimes it's really interesting to make studies here.
But what I have been missing lately in your little trashy theme park here is a bit more spicy dramaturgy:

Can't you plant some more and more diversified and slightly more sophisticated characters in this show other than such few over-simplified brown-nosers as Mr Ir@qi?
At least give the guy a full name and animate him a bit more.

Furthermore I'd suggest a real discussion with real ideas and a real plot and real script and real table throwing and all the stuff.

Also a little bit of reasoning would do no harm.
But not too much of it as this would unrepairably destroy the authentic Assyrian ethnic atmosphere.
However, anybody from AINA's HHS = "Hysterical Hearsay Squad" will easily eliminate any such danger even if it's looming still far away on the horizon.

Why don't you invite Francis Sargis, Jackie Bejan (then this could be real discussion) or at least your dull half-brother Raman or so

(Raman! No eavesdropping again !)

: I love this guy...Andreas. In your wildest dreams you wouldn't have found a guy more willing to hang himself than this chump. Thank god he keeps coming back.

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