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Re: Sorry...Convention

Posted by parhad on September 03, 2001 at 12:39:48:

In Reply to: Re: Sorry...Convention posted by Jeff on September 03, 2001 at 11:39:05:

I don't believe the other artists were given any such contract to sign...none of them would have had price tags on their works if they had signed what I was shown and agreed not to sell. But I know several of them and they should have a copy of what they signed. Atour's comment about the other's having agreed to give kick-backs, was a very bad error of judgement. If it was true, then the fact that there was no such offer made to me on the contract they showed to me, means I was being held to a different standard...was not even extended the same option. If there is such a contract, I'll find out...either way the result for them isn't good. I am the only professional there, the only one who makes his living from his artwork, the only one who was working closely with Jackie for months before the convention to show my artwork. They make these kinds of blunders all the time, but they figure as long as it's contained to hotel lobbies and other play areas, it doesn't really matter...and that's exactly how they really view this does NOT really matter to them, to Jackie and to John and the rest of them. And they take this same incompetance and ego problems OUT THERE and represent us to "world bodies". These guys and gals are laughingstocks and that will come out clearly as this case proceeds.

I did not keep the copy of the the contract they showed to me. This was deliberate. I had a witness there, I read the thing out loud. They will be asked to produce this contract. At that point their gas station owning mentalities will come to the fore...they will think they are clever because they will produce the other contract...the one without the parts aimed specifically at me...they may even deny there ever was such a contract...and they will do that right up to the moment they are served with court papers and have to get on the stand. You know, and I know, the whole world knows they will never set foot inside a courtroom willingly...with all the legal resources at his beck and call John Nimrod settled because he knows better than to treat White People as he treats us...that while he may lie and cheat and lie to US...he isn't about to get up on the stand and repeat those lies.

I don't need that contract....this way they are placed on their own "honor" honor that will wilt and wither quickly if they dare lie under cross-examinatuion. And yet if they produce that same document...or admit to it...they make things even worse.

They knew full well I had a lawyer...this lawyer wrote Jackie and Atour a letter informing them that if they blocked me they would be in violation of several statutes they never even heard of. To have not sent this contract before, before the convention when I might have elected not to sign it, when I could have had lergal advice... and therefore lose the "right" to show at all...would have served their purposes better, except they would have been in even deeper trouble because among other things the contract asks me to waive my First Amendment rights to Free Speech by seeking to restrict me from mentioning the Shumirum Monument OR the Federation and its officers. That's bad enough...but to make that a condition of my being allowed to engage in my livlihood...twenty minutes after I'd sold a piece for several thousand dollars and as I was attempting to raise money for the Hammurabi Monument...which the Federation itself is sponsoring by allowing us to use their bank account etc...and to do all this on Sunday night...the last day of the convention after two full days without any mention of a contract or any sign that I was NOT such a flagrant abuse of anything you want to mention...that it should remove any doubt in anyone's mind that these "leaders" would not make barely competant Scout Troop leasders, let alone lead this "Grat Peepil".

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