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More Convention.

Posted by parhad on September 03, 2001 at 13:32:42:

First let me bid a fond good morning to Jackie, who is no doubt pouring over these...

I just found out that the other artists were in deed given contracts to sign. I also have the testimony of a woman who spoke to Alphonse..the man who apparently added the parts relating to me specifically...who told her last night that they were not charging the other artists..."one cent".

The fact that they did or didn' I will eventually learn, today actually...but that they gave me no such option is another clear indication of discrimination...which is written all over this case. I was told I COULD NOT offer of a kick-back or anything...just a prohibition...when I have NEVER been asked for such a thing and wasn't even given the option to consider it...just sign or get out...on the last night of the convention.

This also throws Jackie's tax-exempt status into question, the one for the club she is president of. What are they doing taking money in kick-backs from non-professionals...people who make their paintings as they can...or even FROM professionals AT ALL??...when they refuse to presnt their one sculptor with the same opportunity?

In the three days of the hotel convention..using OUR money, Jackie and Alphonse and Nimrod and any number of people BUY the right to strut their stuff. It goes to their heads. As the general manager told me...Jackie is their ONE customer and we are all allowed to be there as HER guests...and if she wants one of us removed...for any reason or no reason...we're out of there. And who gave her that authority? Did she buy that Hotel and its staff for three days with her own money? No...she used ours..and that's what these people always have done.

Jackie does not work for US...we work for HER and pay HER for the privilege and wait on HER to decide what to do with us.

And I'm afraid what Atour tried to do was not leadership at all. He is used to building consensus with a team of pros at Ford etc. These people are amateurs and they will leave him twisting in the wind in the end...each covering their asses...Jackie first, for obvious reasons.

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