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What "Christian" countries? Where are "Christian" countries?

Posted by andreas on September 03, 2001 at 14:29:44:

In Reply to: CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF IRAQ.... posted by parhad on September 03, 2001 at 13:40:52:

What "Christian" countries? Where are "Christian" countries?

Only individuals can be Christian(s).

And those are hard to find today.
Especially among the NOMINALLY Christian Assyrians.

As to the perverted Nazi ideology and practice:
Nazis were/are decidedly opposed to Christianity as Hitler believed the Christian religion had weakened the substance and natural bestial survival instincts of the German people as a dominant race (Herrenrasse = masters' race) and therefore they should go back to their ethnic Nordic blood roots and old-Germanic religious pagan beliefs in order to guarantee the final victory (= Endsieg) and perpetuity of the Germanic people as a collective body (not the individual which didn't count for him ! In fact, he hated the free, courageous individual and its thinking, which represent the real achievements of the true German culture).

Here, I see some - even if rudimentary (till now) - parallels with your ethnic-reductionist and reactionary approach:
Isn't it you who is trumpeting the ideological roll-back onto a derservedly extinct imperial Assyrian culture (Attention: I said Assyrian, not: Babylonian, Chaldean, Aramaic, Hurrian, etc)

The only thing Hitler admired in the Catholic church and he strived so eagerly to emulate was the perfect organisation of the Roman clerical hierarchy, their psychological mass propaganda techniques (out of abuse of spiritual wisdom) and the political cunningness which all are characteristics of a highly sophisticated, unscrupulous totalitarian theocracy as it was first established in Mesopotamia and thus is a pre-Christian and directly anti-Christian phenomenon.

BTW: The clear relationsship between Rome and ancient Mesopotamia in this respect was eloquently described by Alexander Hislop in his book "The two Babylons".

It is always a matter of perspective:
Where nowadays mental dwarfs like Parpola portray ancient Mesopotamia and even more pronouncedly: his nonexistent, only hallucinated pseudo-Assyria as the author of greatest cultural achievements, e.g. in the form of imperial structures - Hislop put it the other way round:
Rome is nothing more than the untimely thus zombie-like preservation of all that old-Mesoptamian viciousness.

I don't endorse either's opinion, but that's another story.

: Christians are like that...they rape and kill and skin people for lampshades and soap, then get teary-eyed and beg forgiveness so they can go to it all over again with a clear conscience.

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