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Convention Picnic

Posted by parhad on September 03, 2001 at 22:42:17:

Just returned from the one barred my way or forced me to sign anything. I spoke at length with people who attended all meetings of the Federation and they say that everyone was very angry over what Jackie has done.

When confronted with this non-contract, I was told if I didn't sign I would have to leave or be "escorted" out. I did. Later that night a security officer for the hotel told my mother that I had better stay away. I went back this morning and was told by the general manager that I had five minutes to remove my sculpture and be gone, or the police would confiscate them all. It took over two hours to install them and would take longer as I now had to wrap each piece and each pedestal.. "get out in five minutes" what Jackie let him know he could tell me.

She has used us all the way to build her position for what really she told me, she has been asked to run campaigns for the people who REALLY count, the white ones...the ones in power. She has shown THEM how well she can run things...meaning US..the dark stupid ones. The woman has contempt for each and every one of us, everyone she doesn't "pity".

For two years she's been promising to make a second donation to the AAS for another child care center. At last month's talk...she promised to have the check for Narsai. At that meeting she told Narsai not to "bother her" until after "busy" is she. Two years to donate what amounts to $500 for the rest of us. No one says she has to do it, or owes anyone anything...but why promise it for two years...promise to have the check...then force Narsai to wait on her some more.

I told him to his face and I say it here, she is buying HIM with that donation...just as she thought she bought me when she bought sculpture...hell she even asked me once to fly to Detroit with her... to discuss "Assyrian" issues no doubt. Narsai is earnestly trying to do his job, to get donations for our people back there, and this woman is dangling the check in front of him so she can dominate him and hopefully drive a wedge between Narsai and I...if she can do it...she can HAVE him.

I've been Narsai's friend this long because I tell him when to Fuck off and he tells me. Anytime he wants to end that relationship to dangle on Jackies chain, he's welcome...not my kind of pal at all.

But...I can raise a lot more money for him and the AAS and bring us honor and respect as well...more than she ever can...than she wants to. It's his choice to make.

Jackie has caused the hotel to take his of which is promised to the college in Turlock...let him get her to explain ONE question set off this chain of events.

This week I see my lawyer...he left a message already to see how things went. He already told me to skip the convention entirely, that there was enough to sue them with now...I told HIM I didn't want to...said I just wanted to show the sculpture, try to raise donations for the Hammurabi and be gone. Now it's a whole new day.

One other thing...four years ago when Jackie had her TV program I gave her station a Lamasu for a backdrop. That piece she promptly took home and has on display there....a would have cost her all of $300.00 and that would have helped the foundation we'd created to help children in Iraq and Georgia...instead she confiscated that as well. A small point but telling all the more.

And Atour...poor Atour has already put his foot in it big time...has said something with witnesses present he shouldn't have...and if he tells the truth, and he will ruin his credibility in anything he says after that.

People ask why do I do this to a friend, to Atour. I don't do it to Atour, my friend. I do it for us, and against the policies or lack of them, of the Federation and its henchmen. I don't come crying as to what Atour did to me...I expect him to do his I will do mine.

These actions of theirs are embarassing, they are humiliating and must end. Either we get people who know how to behave, who know the Law, the constitution so they can take ADVANTAGE of it for US...or we get rid of them. These yokels are incompetant when they aren't just plain stupid. And when they have to defend themselves with real lawyers in a real court ruled by law, not who your friend will be an eye opener for us all.

I wasn't able to remove all the sculptures as I didn't have my trailer with me and I had hurt my lousy back again hauling those bronzes in a few days earlier. I was able to remove one piece but I know from experience that the shooting pain will lead to much worse if I continued so I left.

I found out today that the Federation had sent letters for all the artists and vendors to sign, waivers for them in case anything was damaged or lost,.,,they were assuming full responsibillity etc. Well, they never sent me one to sign,,,probably Jackie's way of saying there was no need since I wouldn't be there...sending one would constitute an "invitation". So...I haven't signed a waiver, yet they allowed me to set up and display...and the hotel has removed my sculpture and the police will confiscate them...most are Narsai's...and that all makes the Federation responsible for almost $100,000 worth of bronzes.

These people will never learn until it costs them. They are so ignorant of legal procedure, of what they can and can't ignorant of the laws of the society we live in...that it is no wonder they can't manage to do us any good when other groups are profiting in every way. These people are amateurs, used to issuing edicts and papers in the lobby of hotels where the deference they BUY from the management actually convinces them that they are SOMEBODY!!

Well, they will all sing a different tune when they have to stand behind all the acts they so quickly indulged in with so little thought as to consequences. These people are NOT leaders...they are ducks and geese who follow each other around in circles, each more clueless than the other.

Their education is about to begin.

It is true as our friend Iraqi says that I must not discuss too much of this in detail, and maybe soon...not at all.

The president of the Los Angeles Assyrian Association asked me to come down there and give a talk...will do that soon, maybe with the Ross thing. Have to contact Marzillier one more time...then I WILL go to his boss. Let's get to the point quickly and stop dancing around...this professor has slandered us all and we want justice NOW...not when it is convenient for them...but NOW!

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