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A reminder for Poorhead

Posted by andreas on September 04, 2001 at 02:19:17:


And you Parhad:

You can't drown all and everything in your whiny INEFFICIENT lamentos about the (undeniable) Iraqi genocide

Do you have any plan and/or strategy for concrete and efficient actions, at all? I only remember your blundered "petition" and all the chances you've been missing till this moment.

The existence of (undeniable) genocidal policies and actions against the Iraqi people do not preclude the existence of the Kurdish oppression and that of the Iraqi regime against Assyrians which is a simple fact.

And it is not motivated by the bombing/embargoing of Iraq done by the alluded Christian "co-religionists" of Assyrians.


1) Try to control your penchant for rhetoric soap operas and simply and soberly explore the facts on the ground.

2) Always heading for the less abridged and for the fuller version.

3) Preferably in a coherent way.

4) Don't give in to black-white simplifications. Try to stand the stress of "cognitive dissonance" when detecting that the side you favorise turns out to have no stainless record and vice versa.

5) Spice it all up with a clear drift towards professionalism.

There is a way out of your mental ghetto.

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