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The silent destruction of Iraq history

Posted by Ir@qi on September 05, 2001 at 00:26:47:

Few days I was watching one of the programs I like (Nova), and I saw how the French (From Sorbonne) working for the rich Sultan of Brunei spent so much time and efforts to bring up a sunken ship near the coast of Brunei, to bring up a load of Vases, and Chinese porcelain form the sea, and then the amazing effort they put into cleaning it photographing it, coping all the designs of 3 thousand pieces by hand, computer cataloging, 3D animation of every thing........I wish every one will see this film to know what I am talking about:
These artifacts in historical value are not worth one of the Iraqi artifact sitting to erode and vanish in the Iraqi sun, exposed to theft, abuse, rain, smoke, time....
The French and the rest of them, has an obligation towards these human treasures.
They have stolen, and profited from some of these artifacts filling their museums (Louver, British, German...)
They at least share the blame for the Oil War, and the blame for the bad condition for these artifact.
The French, NY Banks are stealing the Iraqi money deposited in their Banks from the Oil for food robbery.
They should at least help photograph, with modern digital technology these artifacts before they are further destroyed....
Iraq do not have the expertise, and the equibment to do a good job on maintenance, and you need only a perfict job when you are dealing with stuff so fragil, and precious.
Iraq has accepted even the American, and the British archeologist to resume their work in Iraq (I saw this news today), and have asked other countries archeologist to come to do this several years ago.
I think the western negligence in this area will go down as one of their biggest history crimes in addition to the Sanctions, Depleted Uranium, the bombing of the water, and sewage facilities, .......

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