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Lies, or Hypocrite

Posted by Ir@qi on September 05, 2001 at 01:52:46:

In Reply to: Re: R. M. For President and Chief scientist posted by parhad on September 05, 2001 at 00:19:02:

How can you trust some one like Clinton to say the truth about poor Iraq, and to admit his crimes against them, when he lied to his wife and to the American people, and the American media
( which he knows will check everything ) as he hit the podium with his hand angrily and said " I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMEN"
can you believe anything the US congress say about the Middle East when the majority of them blamed the Palestinians in the same day they were being bombed by F16 in their defenseless homes.
Actually I will believe Saddam, an American used car dealer, and Ponocio before I believe any thing a US politician say about the Middle East.
And when ever they are cornered and have to admit the truth which expose them, then they use another tool, "hypocrisy"
For example every one knows that Israel, like Iraq, has a Nuclear program, and Missiles, has invaded Lebanon, and still occupy other people land, is violating the Palestinians human rights, is an apartheid, .... then would the US bomb it, sanction it, provide no fly Zone for the Palestinians, force Israeli to abide by all UN resolutions, ...... NO, none of that !
How do they deal with all this and Justify it ? When they talk to the media, to Arabs....simple !
Hypocracy in your face.
That is why we should think twice before we Criticize anything any Arab leader do in reaction to the Western hypocracy, even if it was from a crazy man like Moamer Al-Kaddafi, there is so much hypocracy people can take.

: I don't know the specifics of which you speak. On principle, I wouldn't trust what this government says regarding ANY country in the MidEast, or anywhere else that has a quantity of anything the United States wants. The American voting public has been educated at great expense to believe, to YEARN to believe, whatever they are told.

: Andres is very useful to us...he is a lesson for us all.

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