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Re: Release our hostages

Posted by Ir@qi on September 06, 2001 at 01:26:51:

In Reply to: Re: Release our hostages posted by parhad on September 06, 2001 at 00:44:59:

parhad, Your mother must be over 70, keep her away from all this emotional pressure, I am sure she is as strong as Sumuramat was, it shows in you, but still these bad acts upset me, and I am so distant from it all.
I am sure you will win even if you lose. Keep your calm, play it cool, and do not rush. Time and virtue is on your side

: It's ironic. I covered them myself for the first few days to make a point. They were very dramatic and it seemed to increase people's curiosity. I really didn't know if I would uncover them myself on Sunday. Then I did and they were covered again by the Hotel security people and walled off. The Art in this case seems to have been in the entire exercise, as if they all worked with me, though unknowingly, to tell a complete story.

: I've been advised to "nicely" ask for the atatues back. Since they don't really belong to me, I will. I'll call the Hotel tomorrow. The General manager tried to "scare" me by saying the police would confiscate can put that down to Jackie's telling him what a bunch of louts and fools we if I believed the police run a moving service for the hotel...probably rake the leaves outside for them too.

: There is nothing more satisfying than watching a superior white man's face fall in when he gets told off by a "darkie"...they look so hurt.

: I can't share much more of what is happening right now, but will do so first chance I matter which way it goes. Sometimes you win just by fighting. We are in many ways hopelessly outnumbered and disadvantaged. But no one else has the Heritage we do,,,I don't mean CHURCH fathers!!! It might take us 100 or 300 years to build our strength, but I know I'll do my part...that's all I have to do....MY share.

: When I lie down to die, I'll know something and have something few people will ever have the luck to be.

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