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Instant Hate Recipe

Posted by andreas on September 06, 2001 at 08:56:05:

The well know classic by Amir Isseroff of the MidEast Web for Coexistence for newcomers to this field.

Fits in here quite well


" .....
Instant Hate

As a service to propandists, I submit an all purpose essay, explaining the justice of the cause of any side in almost any conflict.

Just substitute the correct national names for 'Our People' and 'The Enemy' and you have instant hate, a product that is sure to be popular around the world.

Shalom/Salamat to all,
A.I. [Dr. Amir Isserof]

Our People and the Enemy

Our people have always had a great attachment for The Land, which is holy to us, and has been holy throughout our history. We have been fighting these many years a great struggle for justice against The Enemy, who began by attacking us without provocation. The enemy does not hesitate to spread all kinds of lies and exagerations about Our People. But the fact is, that it is The Enemy who has acted inhumanely, murdering innocent civilians without cause and depriving our people of our rights whenever they had the chance. We have hundreds of memorials to our martyred dead, and commemorations of the massacres and atrocities committed by the enemy. These facts are certainly borne out by history, and stem from the undemocratic nature of their society and the twisted nature of their ideology. For our part, we have always treated the enemy fairly. Of course, there were exceptions to the rule, but we cannot all be held responsible for the behavior of a few extremists.

We are a peaceful people. No people wants peace more than us. Peace is a prime tenet of our religion and we are enjoined to keep the peace by our Holy Book. But when our homes, our women and our children are threatened by the greedy and bloodthirsty acts of the enemy, we must defend ourselves and fight for justice. How can we possibly make peace with people who want to destroy us and take our land?

Personally, my family has suffered greatly at the hands of the enemy. Before I could make peace, I would have to think of the sacrifices made by my brother and uncle, killed in an unjustifiable action of the enemy, and what they would have wanted. We could not let their deaths go unavenged.

By the blood of our holy martyrs, we swear that with the help of God, who is certainly on our side, and Justice, the right-hand of God, we will continue the struggle against the enemy until they agree to live with us on our terms - the terms of justice. Then we will have peace.

The Self-Righteous ones for a Just and Lasting Peace


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