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Justice Is Sweet

Posted by parhad on September 06, 2001 at 09:15:27:

I hope Ramin Odishoo gets to stay just the way he is for the rest of his life...that would be punishment enough. To say that there were "financial improprieties" at his Civic Club is to call Bush slightly slow. Their whole edifice was built on financial improprieties. When Ramin was first kicked out of office he threatened to squeal on the rest of the rats...not only did they immediately re-instate him, but they amended their charter to give him a second term. How's that for instant rehabilitation?

The man owns a Jaguar, a Mercedes and some other car...he owns a nice house, has never worked a day since becoming the president of that den of theives and engages in the most blatant financial chicanery there is...all while proclaiming love for his OOmtah...more like Ommpapa Ommpapa. When questioned by the Police the first time around as to his sources of income, he claimed that he lived off of investments made in Iran! At the miserable rate of exchange from touman to dollar, I'd say he must earn a billion toumans a day to maintain the lifestyle he has as Grand Wizard of Assyrian Bingo.

Jackie was asked to go over their books...she did too, howling all the way. Asking Ramin for some receipts to justify several hundred dollars in expenses for a trip to San Diego to "solve problems" he handed her an envelope filled with a jumble of crumpled slips of paper, most of them from gas stations where he was able to get cash from an ATM machine. He claimed they were all for gasoline purchases. She noted that he would have had to have been flying his own Concorde to have spent that much on gas in 45 minutes. I think his eyes clouded over and he brought up Simele or some such thing.

These mugs have been hoodwinking us for years, using our own real love for this Heritage against us, and for their benefit. Not all of them merely want cash. Some like John Nimrod, need a semblance of power, some indication that they can "lead a Peepil", which is as intoxicating to him as a hundred bucks is to Ramin Odishoo. Jackie loves us too, for what we can do for her. She hasn't done a thing for us, ever.

The students at the college there and many of the decent folk who live in Turlock should bring a lawsuit against the clique that has ruled the Civic Club for years now and take it over. They should make of it a real service club and use the money they get from Bingo to actually do some good for the community there.

Investigation of AACC of Turlock Continues

August 31

Courtesy of Modesto Bee; investigation story by Patrick Giblin

(ZNDA: Turlock) Authorities carried out searches last Thursday in Turlock and Modesto in connection with a 10-month-old investigation into alleged financial improprieties at the Assyrian American Civic Club.

The probe already has led to a shutdown of the Turlock club's three-times-a-week bingo operation.

AACC of Turlock is the largest Assyrian organization and affiliate of the Assyrian American National Federation. Mr. Ramin Odisho is expected to attend this week's Assyrian National Convention in San Jose, California.

Police Chief Lonald Lott suspended the club's bingo license Aug. 8, declaring that the state Department of Justice had concluded that the club did not hold nonprofit status as required by state and city law.

The Justice Department told the city about the club's status after reviewing computer data and other records seized from the club and the club president's home in November.

Thursday brought new searches at the club, on North Golden State Boulevard, and at President Ramin Odisho's home in Turlock. Warrants were also served at Farmers & Merchants Bank, 3001 McHenry Ave., Modesto, and at the home of Theresa Lazar in Modesto.

Lazar is a member of the club but does not now serve as an officer. She is not related to Turlock City Councilman John Lazar. She did not return messages left at her home Thursday.

Ramin Odisho said he did not want to make any comment about Thursday's searches until he talked with his attorney. "I am very upset right now," Odisho said. "This has gone too far."

Odisho is the first president in the club's history to serve two terms in that office. He was re-elected earlier this year after the club's charter was amended to allow officers to serve consecutive terms.

On the occasion of his first election, a Zinda Magazine editorial applauded Ramin Odisho for being the youngest Assyrian to be elected as a president of an affiliate of the Assyrian American National Federation.

Investigators hope to conclude the case by the end of September.

The Stanislaus County district attorney's office asked for the search warrants, said Rosemary Howser, spokeswoman for the Turlock Police Department. Officers with the Police Department, the district attorney's office and the Stanislaus County High-Tech Crimes Task Force participated in the searches, Howser said.

"They started at 9 a.m. and the warrants were all served pretty much simultaneously," she said.

The Police Department launched the investigation in October, with officers saying they had received several complaints about the club's financial operations.

Police have declined to reveal details of the complaints. There have been no arrests.

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