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Congratulations San Hosed

Posted by parhad on September 07, 2001 at 01:05:51:

Posted by ALBERT MULHIM on Thursday, 6 September 2001, at 12:11 p.m.
On behalf of the members of the Assyrian American Association of Modesto, I would like to congratulate all those involved in preparing and presenting the 68th Annual Assyrian National Convention in San Jose, California, on a very successful and enjoyable convention. Hope to continue this success in our future conventions.

>>>What a sense of humor. When asked by someone high up in our community how the convention was going...the general manager replied, "you mean all this shit"? Jackie had her storm troopers out in force the first night. There were about ten cops stationed around the lobby looking real friendly with their arms crossed, batons and sidearms. The hotel had balked at the guns but Jackie had insisted, it had never been done before but Jackie insisted. Her "insistence" must have led to the treatment any "troublemakers" or suspected troublemakers received...quick "justice". The second night enough people must have complained that the cops were gone, hiding in a room from which they emerged whenever needed.

It was funny that the artists were the troublemakers of years past, according to Jackie, and that we had to sign contracts because of all the trouble we'd caused in the past. And that an extra clause had to be added to my contract stipulating that I was not to mention the Shumirum monument, a project the Federation itself donated $10,000.00 to...a project stalled for six years by John Nimrod...who was nonetheless a featured speaker at their political rally, and for asking a question of him...a question that should be on every Assyrian's, "why did you stop the city of Chicago from installing OUR monument (That $10,000.00 came from all of US...not a penny came from John)...for asking that question I was immediately surrounded by two Federation "guards" and then two Hotel Security people...and I'm sure the cops were primed for action. This is democracy Assyrian style. This is what they know of "politics"...these are the people who elect themselves our leaders whether we will or no.

Seems to me the people staying in the rooms should have signed contracts not to bring cases of booze in their rooms, and the security personel would have been more effective patroling the halls instead of standing watch over a man who might at any time whip out a question or two.

Gabriella Yonan, one of Jackie's stars, a German woman...yes another Kraut, who has taken an interest in our genocide (what is it with these Krauts...first they help finish us off, then they want to record it and come tell us about it), was given a free room, courtesy of you and I. When she insisted Jackie pay for her meals as well, Jackie complied, asking only that she keep the receipts for re-imbursement. But that was too awful for Gabrielle, it would be too embarassing she said...she wanted Jackie to BE with her and pay right after each meal. Well, why not...I mean she IS a white woman...and aint we the lucky ones. Jackie said she was a little busy for that. Then at three AM her son came to one of the federation staff and nearly fought with the man insisting that at that hour , his mother HAD to have a glass of wine for she was very upset over something or other. It took several attempts before the fellow understood that as much as we all want to cater to any European who demands it, we were constrained in this case by California law and the fact that there WAS no wine laying around that night.

But Atour Golani, president of the Federation was given a regular room and wasn't fed at Federation expense on the tenth floor as Jackie and her "stars" were. He also had to buy his own tickets to any event he and his wife wished to attend. Jackie knows who can help her resume' and who can't.

I don't know how to measure success...I'd say being spied on by an employee of the hotel we were hoping to get next year...and being told to forget about it, is a clear sign that more than congratulations are in order...but then I don't want to be "negative".

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