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On Peril

Posted by parhad on September 07, 2001 at 09:43:00:

In Reply to: Re: Reply From Marzillier posted by Ir@qi on September 07, 2001 at 03:23:55:

It's true that we don't have a lot of clout...people have no reason to be afraid of us, or even think much about us at all. You gets what you puts in. I am as sick and tired of hearing about martyrs and dead Assyrians who were unjustly killed 70 and 200 years ago as I can be. While we wail and mourn those long dead ones, we are being killed off right now without a squeak from us.

So obsessed are we with Assyrians ONCE THEY ARE DEAD...that this whole thing looks like a bunch of religious fanatics committing mass suicide slowly...or rather submitting to victimhood slowly. We're so damn pissed at the injustice and inhumanity of a Moslem somewhere back when ordering his ignorant and illiterate troops, being not much better than them himself, to open fire on defenseless women and happens EVERYDAY now...that it's all we see. The cool and calm and college educated pilots who fly overhead and drop Death on us now, raise not a single objection from us.

In our focus on our past, on the dead from our past, in our eagerness to celebrate them, we are allowing ourselves to be killed en masse today, with far more effective weapons, without the tribal bloodlust of those messy if we were vermin to be calmly exterminated by a bug exterminator named "Doc Sanctions".

That isn't bad enough, but our own youth, who see us taking this so calmly, if they want anything at all to do with the Heritage in the first place, are turned off by this glaring contradiction of people "congratulating" themselves for having a good and successful convention, dancing and playing the night away, while talking and talking about the greatness that was...the killing that was...all of it aimed at some time in the past...while they see only boredom and a lack of the willingness to engage in current problems affecting this Heritage we're supposed to be so proud of.

We are turning off and turning away our younger generations, while at the same time another force is killing off another portion of us, either deliberately or as collateral damage. Not only is it difficult to find any pride in this...but where is there any "future" in it either? How can we survive caught between these twin forces...and if we can't even recognize the nature of the real adangers we face...regardless of what you want to call us as we go down...won't we just continue going down?

Am I attacking us, or are warplanes attacking us...and are we not attacking our own youth by allowing this to happen?

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