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For The Life Of Me...

Posted by parhad on September 07, 2001 at 14:26:28:

I can't figure out what the Federation was thinking...I think dealing with me and the contradictions and short-circuits this produces has unhinged them.

Here for several years past I've been welcome to show my sculptures, to "sell" and raise funds for monuments the Federation itself has donated thousands of dollars of OUR money to. We even flew the entire ten foot tall bronze monument of Ashurbanipal to Chicago for display at the convention in '88...I also shipped the entire Shumirum in plaster, just as heavy but a lot more fragile, to Chicago for another convention years later...I have been a speaker at several Federation banquets about just these topics and why gaining public exposure is so important to us...even down to this year when Jackie was supposedly going to install the Shumirum momument in San Hosed, and failing that turned all her venom on me, saying that I could not show the very sculptures she'd been working with me to display till that very moment....then to allow me to come...thank you...because my lawyer sent them a warning letter which they read to the entire that no one interferred with me UNTIL Sunday night when at the last minute I was handed a "contract" to sign which said among other things that I could not MWENTION the Shumirum Monument OR the Federation (even though later, after I'd been told to leave and my sculptures hidden from view...that same Alpohonse who'd signed the letter demanding I not even mention the Shumirum, stood there in the lobby arguing loudly that there WAS no Shumirum...or else where was a photograph of her...that the man who told me to shut up when I spoke the truth, was perfectly comfortable speaking himself...AND telling such an obvious lie)...and that additionally I must NOT SELL anything while there...when the Federation itself is the sponsor of the Hammurabi Monument for which I was there to raise funds....and all of this was done ten minutes after I'd made just such a sale...then to come to me and hand me a 'contract" such as that, dated NINE days earlier...and to say, "sign this or get out now"...when the other artists all had "for sale" signs on their work all along, and none of them had to agree to muzzle themselves in order to remain...when John Nimrod has spread his lies about the Shumirum and me, lies which finally forced him to settle my lawsuit because he did NOT want to take the stand and repeat them...but comes to us because he has only contempt for us, at a Political rally and repeats those same lies...and is welcome to do so...and isn't bothered at all about being challenged because anyone who dares to do so will be assaulted by Hotel AND Federation security with armed police laying in wait...that Atour Golani could allow himself to be so manipulated by Jackie...her signature wasn't on the 'contract"...Atour's was...she 'allowed" him that much authority, the power to put his head in a legal noose...while she wouldn't do him the courtesy of allowing him up to "her" floor...and made him pay his own way into seminars and such...all of this, ALL OF IT gives you about as clear an indication of what and where we are, and how desperately we need a radical change or we are more than through...we are DESERVEDLY done away with.

How will Jackie, how will will Atour EVER explain this to any rational disinterested party? How???

And that's just what they're going to have to do.

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