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A Great Time Was Had By All...

Posted by parhad on September 07, 2001 at 22:00:18:

Dear Albert Nasser

This year convention, was very organized. I congratulate the organizers for a job Well done.

The event was also very well covered by the local media in the Silicon Valley.

Albert Gabriel

Occupied Assyria

>>>"Occupied Assyria", from this guy sounds like an "occupied" restroom.

>>>The Germans were famous for organization too. They helped organize our extermination through their allies, and organized the extermination of the Jews. I don't know that it's much of a plus to say this thing was organized..organized for what...and how? What was the whole thing for?

To have brought in armed Police and kept them in hiding in some room somewhere...leading people to believe this was just another convention till they stormed out to hit and punch and push anyone our "organized" Jackie pointed to, seems like organization along Facist lines...screw up and you're out! Nor knowing the Police were in hiding, or caring much or undertanding the registration system Jackie installed, meant that several Assyrians walked into a loaded situation, a charged atmosphere without knowing it...the cops were hidden from view.

Why would Jackie insist on guns in the first place? Insisting the cops have them, must have made them feel that they would be confronting some really wild people, if their own "dear" Mammy insisted on guns. No one else, no Puerto Ricans or Irish of Fillipinos, or anyone, had ever insisted on guns. The scene was set...but it was an organized scene so hooray for that.

Is organization alone such a trial and challenge for us, and Jackie too, that it's all we need to expect? Taking a crap is a sort of controlled situation too...I mean you know exactly which orifice to use and how to proceed and that the toilet paper is handy and "just so" shows great foresight on your part...I mean you could have used sandpapaer that was out in the driveway of the neighbors house. organization what this was all about, or do we want to be anything but organized idiots?

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