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Logic...say WHAT???

Posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 00:51:05:

dear Assyrians

just pay attention to this paragraph quoted from the bible:

Daniel 3:25 " He answered and said, Lo,I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and THE FORM OF THE FOURTH IS LIKE THE SON OF GOD.

above mentioned are words said and spoken by our Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar.I don't want to go further in details about why he said it, so just to shorten the topic: read about the fourth person his form is like the son of God!!!!

Is it there any doubts that our ancestors where indeed worshipping God, and not only that, but also they had known Jesus in their time. We have to understand that our jesus and his story with his appearance was not stated correctly as solely he appeared to jews.

if our king Nebuchadnezzar had recognized the son of God, that's hadn't happened at first time, there should be roots goes further more deep to ancestors of Nebuchadnezzar, otherwise how the king recognized the son of God from his form??!!

I hope that someone will understand this logic.

albert nasser

>>>Where to begin! In the first place "god" is means a diety...could be anybody...Yahweh, Ashur or Buddha. And just why does he have to be "our" Jesus? What was so damn great in the man that we should want to claim him in the first place?

Obviously believing in him doesn't win you your country back. The Jews certainly saw no greatness in the man and though Christians made them bleed for this "lapse" in judgement , shedding rivers and rivers of their innocent blood till Hitler joined in...they managed to get their country back precisely by NOT abandoning their own ways...something we didn't see the value of.

So why shout for joy if the fourth son of a gun was Jesus and a king of "ours" noticed him in the flames? Who WANTS him? What did he ever bring us but a one way ticket to extinction? This trying to "claim" the very man whose cock-eyed view of the world got him and anyone who took him seriously killed is strange indeed.

As the Christians among us never tire of saying...Christian countries aren't REALLY Christian at all. Of course not...if they were they'd be squatting in the marketplaces of the world begging their bread and a roof over their heads like we are.

Christian countries were smart enough to use Christian teachings to keep the hometown crowd subdued and place a cloak on their own bloody acts. have to admit these Christian countries do kick ass....they kicked ours well enough...still are. That leaves those who really BELIEVED...and where are they?...well if they're alive at all they are taking refuge among those "fake" Christian countries cause they lost their own and are no longer welcome anywhere else...and can't much protect themselves anyway. So I ask it again...what did this "real" Christianity do for us?

If what you believe in has as its highest claim on your allegience that you will be killed...that you MUST be crucified to attain its greatest gift...what did you THINK would happen to people who REALLY believed in it?

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