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Post From aina re: Convention

Posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 09:39:22:

This is a message to the Assyrians!

Posted by AssyrianKing on Saturday, 8 September 2001, at 2:28 a.m.

In the assyrian convention, there was an incident which occured that really pissed me off! It involved Parhad and John Nimrod,and the rest of his John's gang-related members! Recognizing the articulate and aesthetic talent that Parhad posses was a very joy to me. There arent that many Assyrians out there who have this kind of talent and ability to make sculptors like the ones i noticed at the convnetion. Parhad like all the other artisits...make scupltors,paintings,etc to use their abilites wisely and also to make money. This is there job. Now..the incident that im talking about is the incident that begun with the flooding of F.B.I members into the convention who seemed like a bunch of monkeys running around in the hallways and wanting to take Parhad's sculptors. They referred to them as "illegal items."which is complete Bull S H I T! This was 100% setup by the Assyrian Federation and AuA..because there were already tensions between Parhad and John Nimrod in the beginning. It all started with Nimrod sueing the Oriental Institute because of the presence of Assyrian statues, sculptors which Parhad had made. Anyways, at the convention,the sculptors were taken away and this seemed very disgraceful to me and in a way Sad. First of all...the assyrian people have come this far and have stooped to a such a low level that our people are starting to call Government agencies on our own nation. This is pretty sad. Second of all, Parhad is a part of our own people. Indirectly, we are trying to discourage our people's talents. This totally suxs! Parhad isnt a "nekhraya", he's still an Assyrian and thats the important thing. Look at us... Disgrace!..what kind of a nation are we?...betraying each other..working for our enemies...taking bribes and selling out on our own people. theres only one way to solve this problem -revolution; "revolution is the only solution"

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