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Re: HELP !

Posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 13:56:58:

In Reply to: Re: HELP ! posted by Ir@q on September 08, 2001 at 12:44:20:

The man hit the nail on the head...he is exactly right. Had George Washington been caught by the British at anytime during the Revolutionary War, they would have been justified in stringing him up by his scrawny neck from the nearest trial no nuthin'. The Founding Father to us...was a renegade traitor to them. By the same token George, and many others like him are merely murderers in defense of an ideal backed by hundreds, if not thousands in the beginning, who gain legitimacy when we the people grant it to them.

We will need some dramatic action to bring our cause's been done before. I have to believe ultimately in the good will and conscience of the American people...who have saved their government from even bigger and grander fiascos they would have liked to engage in.

It is NOT TRUE that Iraq and the people of Iraq need to be treated like this in order to insure, "our way of life" the American press so baldly stated it. We can have our picnics and still pay a fair price for gas...their gas.

This global economy bullshit has merely set loose upon the world stage the same Robber Barons who've plagued every country at some develpmental stage, until they could be reined in and de-clawed. The world scene is like America in the early 1800's with a few rich guys bending every rule, abusing and rolling over every human and natural obstacle, in their mad dash for advantages and profits and power...getting all they can before the next guy gets it, or some sanity and Law prevails to slap them down where they belong.

The people of Iraq are the Chinese coolies of the Transcontinental Railroad days...the Black Africans of the sugar plantations, and the Native Americans exploited by the Missions of the Conquistadors. It's just on a global scale now that's all.

I'm sure the United States has already crafted its apology to the people of Iraq who survive this, for some future date when it will hang its head in mock remorse and plead for "closure" of a painful chapter for IT'S history...offering more trade incentives to the "poor" and benighted masses left in Baghdad.

And wont the Americans of that future day be moved to tears of self-congratulation when they contemplate how justice always wins out in the end...and what an example of American democracy this "humble" addmission of "wrong" shows to the world...the poverty stricken, weakenned, stinking, disease ridden and fetid world they left in their wake as they climbed the ladder of their own success...having not only gotten the whole damn cake, but declaring the cherry on top, the pinnacle of ALL that can be squeezed out from the rest of us, be theirs as well...I mean our "gratitude" that the United States came to its senses and got its big foot off of our broken backs.

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