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Who Owns The Shumirum Monument

Posted by parhad on September 10, 2001 at 11:55:56:

I do.

That's the simple answer. No one donated any money to it...they bought maquettes for $6,500.00 each. I paid $1,500 to cast each maquette, delivered it to them and used the "profit" to build the monument. I'm doing the same with the Hammurabi Monument.+ When you donate to something, you can't legally receive a "gift" in return worth the amount you donated. That's a no-no as far as the IRS is concerned. Therefore it is no ones business if I used the money to build the Shumirum Monument, or invested in the Market.

People bought $90,000.00 worth of sculpture from me...I used the greater part of that to fund the monument. Helen stepped in and donated $120,000.00, for which she asked nothing in return, she even balked at having it dedicated to her. Her brother, John Nimrod, believes the amount she paid through her Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation when she was president of it, entitles him now, as the current president, to "own" the rights to the monument, if not the actual monument. But then he isn't any too bright.

If you donate money to the Red Cross for the purchase of can't tell them what to do with those ambulances, even though they bought them with "your" money. No organization works that way. You can't demand to take an ambulance out for a spin either. In fact you can't do anything after you've donated except not donate again if you didn't like what they did with your original donation.

John Nimrod has no legal claim to OUR monument at all, especially as he gave not a dime himself, and failed to raise any money, as Helen instructed him to do, AND as he has been the one and only person to stop the city of Chicago from installing the monument. I'm sure this "power" has gone to his head. He hasn't stopped anyone. It's just that the city can't believe we would allow one man to frustrate us so, and since they see no protest from the rest of, their legal advisors have told them to hold off until probably John drops dead, or we make a move to let the city know it can go around him.

John is interested in his own status, his power and prestige. It soesn't matter to him what kind of power it is, wheter it is for good or ill...just POWER excites him, makes him feel alive and important. But he doesn't own anything about the monument, and anyone outside of this community knows that already.

I'm going to sue the bastard, and this time I wont let him off, this time he has to sit in that chair and answer questions, and we, and everyone will know just what kind of a man he is. Let him repeat to a Black judge that his avowed reason for disliking the site at the Oriental Institute, as expressed to me in the bowels of that slum of a world headquarters he has in Chicago, that there are too many Black people(though that isn't the exact term he used) at that site and that Assyrians would never go there...go to the Oriental Institute where the greatest collection of our antiquites in America are housed and proudly displayed...and where an Assyrian, Dr Sharrukin Yelda, has donated millions for the recent re-construction and expansion, and has had the Assyrian Gallery named for him. If Assyrians wont go there, and for such a reason as that... when there are Blacks all over the city and the country, THEIR country as well...then where will Assyrians go??

Ever strolled down King Sargon Block to get a "Soul Food Pakistani Burrito and Fries"?

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