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Dear Swedlana..."or whoever you may be"

Posted by parhad on September 10, 2001 at 13:31:10:

In Reply to: Being There posted by parhad on September 10, 2001 at 12:50:46:

You heard right.

Even before this convention the Hyatt in Detroit had refused us their hotel and it was only the intervention of the Mayor and State representatives, speaking on behalf of our community of Detroit, that the Hyatt even considered giving us a "trial" and sending a spy to watch us in San Hose. I'm afraid I landed on this fellow when I was thrown out for asking a question...well, wouldn't that scare YOU?? And TWO security guards while they were trashing the joint elsewhere...???????

This fellow is the type who doesn't ever want to look at things head on and see where they really are. It depresses him, but more than that, he can't imagine where to begin to stop the leaks, so he holds up a newspaper over his head and says it's dry.... for him. he keeps saying things are great, are wonderful...thereby thinking he has a "positive" the man whose arms and one leg have been cut off, who hops in joy down the road because he has one leg left.

To this guy, and many like him, the fact that our Heritage has a cancer in its brain, liver, kidneys, breasts, Lungs and esophagus, but NOT in its Testicles is a good sign, a sign of Hope and cause for rejoicing.

With any luck, the people working for the coming year to hold Narsai's first annual fund raising dinner for the Assyrian Aid Society at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco will be ready in time, and anyone interested will be able to see what a professional Assyrian can do. I know, I know, many of you will hold a "pig holler" in some lot somewhere and turn your backs on such an event...GOOD!

Come and see no Police, no hooligans...they don't usually pay $200.00 for dinner. There will be REAL speakers, great wine and food...not rubber chickens and stale shoe soles, an art display you don't need a helmet to view, and most importantly, OTHER people whom we can begin to educate about our Heritage, its survival and our unique place in history. There isn't much our community can do by itself to foster or promote its own welfare...we need positive exposure...and we'll get just that with someone like Narsai who is not only dedicated to doing real work among us, but who also is a master at organizing these kinds of things. If he can cater to Britain's Royal Family as well as The Rolling Stones...he should be able to do right by us.

No...I don't get "paid" for this. Narsai and I have enough arguments and fights and disagreements to prove to each other that no one is kissing anyone's arse. We wont kiss yours either and you can keep your lips to yourself too. Let's all stand up tall and proud for a change.

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