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Response to a nobody at bethsuryoyo

Posted by parhad on September 10, 2001 at 17:09:49:

>Before arguing about defending the Iraqis, let's define who are they?
>Are you talking about Iraqi Assyrians only? or Iraqi Kurds and Arabs?
>No offense, I personally can't reward my persecutor.

>>>Who asked you to? Stop paying taxes to America then, they are more "your" persecutor now and for the last twelve years than any Iraqi or Kurd. Stop focusing on 1731 and 1931, try 1999 or today instead. While Kurds may or may not have tortured one Assyrian last month...and Turkey did give a priest a fair trial, as the whole world saw...during that time seven Assyrian children a day have been dying in Iraq, and not a one of them was killed as a result of anything BUT US and British intervention and bombs and bullets.

>>>If you help only the Assyrian children of Iraq...the rotting carcasses of Iraqi children, who've done you no harm, will infect the air and water and lives of the Assyrian children you "saved". You'd have to care enough to help them all, or none...seems to me you've made your choice already...pray your child never winds up an unknown in that sort of equation. The world is a simple the simple.

>If you are humanitarian, then why Iraq only? Why not help the starving children in Ethiopia and Somalia, or in any other third world country? save the rain forest, global warming, etc.

>>>Who told you I was a humanitarian? Are you saving the rain forest when you take your child in for an operation to save its life? What does the rain forest have to to do with anything related to the subject at hand? What does Somalia count for right now when the US isn't bombing Somalia? Try harder.

>Now you might argue that Iraqis are Moslem Assyrians, well, do the Iraqi Moslems believe that they are Assyrians?

>>>People don't deserve to be killed and have their children starved to death because they hold the "wrong beliefs".

I bet not, because if they did they would not have been discriminating against Assyrians and calling themselves Arabs.

>>>Iraqis and Egyptians and Palestinians are "Arabs" like citizens of Alabama and Oregon and New York are's just an attempt to unify under one umbrella to face the onslaught of Western Christianity...and you can see what that onslaught has done to them. Right now, in north Iraq there is no such discrimination...Kurds don't owe us a thing...our claims to the country are ridiculous, based as they are on an occupation that ended thousands of years ago...Native Americans have no claim on Manhattan either. We have some representation in their Parliament...we didn't "earn" it...they gave it to us. If you are as willing to be harsh where children are concerned, don't be too surprised when you are treated harshly as help set the example. Assyrian schoolkids learn their entire curriculum in Assyrian...when has that taken place before?

>If Iraqis identify themselves as Assyrians, I will be the first one to support you in your crusade, but until then, Iraqis are our persecutors.

>>>I'd say the people who help pay for a reign of terror and a rain of bombs are pretty good persecutors of everyone there. It is Iraqis who protect the land and artifacts from Western theft and destruction...not Assyrians in the US and Europe. Don't blame them for their leradership when the entire United Nations couldn't dislodge can hardly blame or expect demoralized Iraqi and Assyrian parents to do it for them...besides Saddam is serving US interests beautifully....yours too it would seem.

We can't come to their rescue, we were marginalized by them (the Arabs), and a person who has been stripped from everything can do nothing but watch and let destiny takes its course.

>>>"Destiny" isn't paying for the bombs, we are. It isn't Fate that inposes the sanctions, it's the United States...Destiny doesn't sit on the oil for food panel and routinely rejects requests for humanitarian supplies because a band-aid has a "dual purpose us". You're just pleased as punch that someone is pounding the Iraqis for you, that's all, and a few dead Assyrians, whose proven worth as martyrs is well established, is just a price YOU are willing to pay.

>To the Iraqi Arab we Assyrians are NO BODY, so how can a No Body help them?

>>>It's not just to them that you are a nobody, you don't have a name me, and many other people, you are also a nobody.

That was their choice, and this is the consequence of their own choice.


>It is true that now we Assyrians are dead people, now the Iraqi Arabs had joined the club.

>>>No sir, they will survive and they will come back from this, and the day will come when we will finally realize where our friends are...we just have a long way to go in this country, that's all.

>Welcome to the club! They will have full membership privellages exactly like us, since we do not discriminate.
>No Body

>>>No one wants to be in your club, no one who actually has real work to do. Your club is a treehouse.

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