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Sculptures wrote Assyrian history, and saved it

Posted by Ir@qi on September 10, 2001 at 20:50:06:

In Reply to: Good One Elizabeth... posted by parhad on September 09, 2001 at 19:13:54:

That is so true, if it was not for the written, drown, and sculptured documentation of the Assyrian history, and its greatness, we would probably be told now that the Jews are the one who built the Assyrian civilization, and the
Neinavah library, and that the Assyrian are the one who only killed the Jews and killed civilization.
Actually they have already tried to claim that they are the one who built the Egyptian Pyramids despite all the available evidence.
And we see today in the 21th century, and the age of information, how they managed to cover up Iraq great history, and make people think of Iraq as only a cave packed with 22 millions of Saddam Clones.
And yes millions of these people who are fully connected, with Satellite TV, Internet phones, drive-through FAX, and TV watches, were all fooled and convinced that Iraqis are nothing but no-good collateral damage.
I was child when I first saw the statues of Assyrian kings, and I remember looking at the details, the hair details, the shoe detail, and said to myself my God how did that person 4000 years ago in a place with no electricity, no
schools of art...could do this, well he did it because he was civilized, and the creator of civilization.

: It's ironic that had it not been for the art and artifacts of our ancestors which have been salvaged so far, the Modern world have gone on thinking we were a biblical myth, or at the best and worst, what the bible told people we were.

: No people on earth owe so much to Art and those ancient artists...yet no people on earth so suspect or misunderstand the artist and Art.

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