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We have not one, but two !

Posted by Ir@qi on September 10, 2001 at 23:14:25:

8 more Iraqis killed yesterday by the civilized, none terrorist, Western cluster bombs and missiles.
"8" Just a number, and those ones were Shiite, the ones the US want to protect from Saddam, and this is taking place during cease fire.
What if Iraq declared a No-Fly Zone over Alabama to protect Blacks, or over the West Bank to protect Palestinians ?, wouldn't the UN, and even we will say Saddam is a crazy outlaw ?
The US bombed a civilian Radar in Basra civilian airport a couple of days ago, if Iraq did the same anywhere in the world wouldn't everyone call this terrorism ?
Most American people as shown by the polls support the sanctions, and the bombing of Iraq, and here is a sample of the people who care about Iraqis, and want to protect them with the No-Fly Zones, and what are they saying openly :
{Why can't they just bomb the shit out of the country for 40 days and 40 nights and solve two problems at once. First we get rid of extra surplus of weapons and second we create the worlds largest landfill ready for dumping.}

But there are still few people in the West who are fair and will post something like this :

{RE: "Got any proof that the people were NOT soldiers?"
Well, there is proof and it's on the cockpit videos from the US warplanes. One would think the Pentagon would gladly make a few seconds of those tapes available to CNN as proof that Iraq was lying.
Remember on Jan. 7, 1999 the US government admitted it had secretly used UNSCOM as a USUK spy operation to listen to Iraq’s internal communications and to track the movements of Iraqi leaders. Washington admitted its deceit only after the spy operation was leaked to the media by individuals in the office of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
This was a remarkable admission. Even in its simplest form it completely validates the Iraqi government's main complaint against the UN's so-called disarmament mission. The admission that US intelligence agents were manipulating the weapons inspection team proves that the Iraqis were telling the truth and the US government was lying.
So, show us the proof that the people were not civilians.}

What we are seeing here is 2 bloody dictators, one which control Iraq, and the other which control the world. And we are under the mercy of both.

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