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Re: Terrorism, how you define it...

Posted by Jeff on September 11, 2001 at 23:22:54:

In Reply to: Terrorism, how you define it... posted by parhad on September 11, 2001 at 11:55:06:

: It's always a "war" when the big guy does it, or an "action"...or "peace keeping", or "protecting our way of life". It's a terrorist attck when the little guy tries to fight back...and he is an "extremist" when he has to resort to extreme means because he's been driven to extremities.

: What good does it do to find the criminal terrorist and "punish" them? Who suffers the more? A group sets out to kill your children, and each one they kill, you catch the killer and kill him...big deal...your children are dead.

: I remember when John Kennedy was assasinated and Malcolm X got so much grief for saying "America's chickens have come home to roost"...meaning that the violence this country dispenses to the rest of the developing world and sells its own children, finally came home to infect it as well.

: Same thing has happened in New York. You simply cannot do the kinds of things this country has done, picked up from older colonial and imperialistic powers, in a world so closely knit. Why should Palestinians sit in their camps getting picked off when they could just as easily give their lives to a cause? What are Palestinians supposed to do to fight back...and people WILL fight back. How long can you expect people to throw rocks at tanks and helicopter gunships? People will do what they have to do...just as the US will bomb and starve children in Iraq with impunity because IT feels it needs will others take the example to heart...we teach the violence we suffer the Nazis taught Jews how to terrorize innocent they were terrorized, and now those victims of Israeli terror have come to terrorize us and others. Who first teaches these lessons if not the people who have gained the most by years of abusing the weak and helpless?

: America will strike back...will find someone to parade around so we can hate them. And another will take his place, and another and another. You don't "win" wars any just might lose less, but even that is debatable. There is no way to insure peace except to work at can'r rob from people, kill their children and expect to get away with it...the United States wouldn't stand for it...the smallest country, with the weakest people wont either.

: This was a world tragedy....JUST as the Holocaust was, just as the Palestinian condition is and JUST as the Iraqi war and sanctions are...there is no escaping for any of us.

In US History class we learned that the American media and government MUST put a face on any crime or attack that takes place against our country. First you have the Asians (specifically, the Japanese), then later the Huns (Germans)... and now it's Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. I doubt that it was Saddam or Osama, but the American public and news media need SOMEONE to blame, as they always have, and as they always will.

What a tragedy, though, I agree... a world tragedy.


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