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Activists "ACT"

Posted by parhad on September 12, 2001 at 02:03:19:

Written by Kamil Lahdo on 29 May 2001 22:21:23:

As an answer to: Who elected P@rhat to lead the petition? written by Jack Na'muj on 28 May 2001 03:37:57:

i don't think anyone made parhad in charge of anything.
he just made himself in charge of it.
you know how are our people.
everyone wants to be leader.

kamil lahdo

>Dear Webmaster,
>In regards to the petition against Kelly Ross' post, can you please tell me who appointed P@rhad to lead this case. I was very disappointed to see him stick his nose as if he was the one and only to spearhead this adventure.
>I am sure he took it upon himself to do this and I am certain he will ruin everything on Tuesday if he gets to meet the faculty at the college.
>Best Regards

>>>Well actually it's true...I cannot tell a lie...I DID take it upon myself...din't trip over any crowd of Assyrians or Suryoyos down there either. I will try not to let you guys down...I realize you have high standards and great expectations...of other people.

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