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Response To Marzillier

Posted by parhad on September 12, 2001 at 11:44:15:

Mr Marzillier,

Everything you suggested sounds fine to us except the chance for people from the audience to make "comments". Our experience is that when given the opportunity, most people will ramble on and on with never a question in sight, especially as so many have "opinions". I think it would keep things focused if we asked for specific questions relating to the topic at hand.

And that is another concern. We aren't coming together to discuss all aspects of the modern Assyrian experience, or thrash out our ancient history either. The specific cause for this forum was the paper Dr. Ross produced and its distortions of our ancient record...not willful, just misguided or incomplete.

The title you've chosen therefore seems a bit vague and non-descript. I suggest that it should be more like, "ASSYRIANS KILLED MORE JEWS THAN HITLER", for that was outlined in screaming red caps in Dr Ross' paper...and it certainly caught our attention. I think it might catch the attention of others as well...especially in Van Nuys.

Perhaps we could agree instead on something like..."Defending Assyrians From Biblical Slander." This is not a jingoist statement but an accurate one...for our great ancestors have indeed been maligned in what is not an historical nor a scientific work, but a book of faith, a book which has presented us in a negative light for centuries to the point where our own Christian people are conflicted. It would be helpful to us to address the core issue, the one Dr Ross relied upon for his most outrageous claims...that we are responsible for the disappearance of the Lost Tribes...when experts in the field such as Cyrus Gordon admit there were no such losses at all.

Other than that everything else seems fine and if more people show up we can deal with it at that time. I don't want to cause you any unnecessary trouble.

Fred Parhad

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