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Colin Q. Powell

Posted by Jeff on September 12, 2001 at 23:07:34:

In Reply to: Re: Some Silly Iraqis Get Killed...big deal. posted by parhad on September 12, 2001 at 22:55:10:

: 'Tis odd. Here Americans are running around in circles desperate to "get someone"....ANYONE responsible...wring their necks, grind their bones, blind them...puke on their children, strip their mothers bare and poke them with cattle prods...all to assuage their horror and loss and rage and frustration...and they expect no one in Iraq or Palestine or Guatemala or Chile or Cuba or Vietnem or Korea or, or, or, feel the same way. It seems only American grief and loss are to be respected...only Americans are authorized or justified in seeking revenge...the wailing and weeping parents of Palestine and Iraq are supposed to swallow their hurt, accept it as "fate" etc. How stupid and blind can you be...this is exactly how a people become so arrogant they lose all touch with Common Humanity, and then their own...well what the hell, they're already giving lethal injections to people who committed crimes as juveniles and woefully retarted adults...and imprisoning more and more of their own people for non-violent offenses...somehow, somewhere, these people have to snap out of it and realize that they share the planet with enough people who, once driven to a point of no return...will make "victory" and "our way of life" a bitter mockery.

: A reporter reminded Colin Powell that the US has been telling "both"
: sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that "this cycle of violence must end...that violence is not the way ro achieve peace or justice"...and he asked if America would also follow America's advice to others. Guess what he responded????

I was listening to that question... what a smart reporter. I beleive Mr. Powell said some bullshit about how in the middle east, you know who is committing the terrorist acts against you... the Palestinians attack the Israelis and the Israelis attack the Palestinians... but this situation was ... "different".

Interesting how he answered that one, but the fact that a reporter asked it was a pleasant surprise.


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