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God Bless the Victims

Posted by Ir@qi on September 13, 2001 at 01:35:35:

I feel sad for the victims.
No one, and I mean no one, should justify the killing of innocent civilians (otherwise known as Collateral Damage)
No one should even justify the bombing of command and control centers, like the Bentagon, or civilian shelters.
I remember a very respected top US military leader joking about the bombing of an Iraqi bridge, with Iraqi people on it, and one car drove fast on the bridge, and maybe escaped the falling bomb, and the leader of the US army (General Fatkworf) jock was "That was the luckiest man in Baghdad" ( all the reporters started LOL after he said that jock).
I did not laugh, I felt sad when I saw the scared people of NY running away from the falling buildings (Although the people of NY had a Parade in NY after the Killing Field of the Oil war).
I feel sorry for the people of NY even as I hear now that poor Arab American Taxi drivers are being beaten up there, and as I saw today on TV a mosque in the US attacked by a drive by shooting. Although I know the only church which was attacked in Iraq during the Gulf war, was a church near Nienavah bombed by the West.
Of course we can not compare the bombing scale of Iraq with that in NY, but still the loss of one life, or one building is tragic.
We can not enjoy eating other human being, because we are all of the same flesh and blood.
I saw a video from the Oil war in which the Western pilot not only was firing at running defenseless Iraqi soldiers, but worse, he was ENJOYING it, verbalizing comments of happiness as he was committing his horrible massacre.
The reason the video was shown was because it turned out that he was shooting at his own American soldiers by mistake, and this was shown as a demonstration of Friendly Fire problem.
How cruel human being can be !!
Why ? why should thousands of innocent Americans, and Hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqis become victims, Why ?

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