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Revenge ?

Posted by Ir@q on September 14, 2001 at 02:00:50:

A poll yesterday by NBC showed that 83% of Americans support revenge, and severe retaliation against the tragedy of NY/DC. And this was supported with several other polls, which indicated that Americans want revenge even if it result in the death of innocent people, they said it, and even politician on TV said it, they do not care if innocent people die while they satisfying their revenge.
I do not blame Americans for feeling angry, and even homicidal.
But less think about this.
Isn't this how exactly a terrorist think ?
I mean these people whom we all call terrorist are doing this as a revenge for what they believe are crimes committed against them, or against a land, and people they care about.
So if 83% of the people of California want bloody revenge for what happened in NY, dose this make them supporter of terrorist, thinking like terrorist, and make the people who will be throwing the cluster bombs
terrorist ?
If not, what is the deference ?
Why we keep hearing from Americans, and the media, that they are SHOCKED and CAN NOT UNDERSTAND the hate, and the violence they are subjected to, but they seem to understand the hate and the call for violence
against the Iraqi, Afghani, or Palestinians.
Remember the Arab and Muslim did not start this.
It is the US who dropped thousands of bombs on Iraq equal to 7 nuclear bombs, it is the US who gave Israel the Apache helicopters, and F16, and when Israel used them against Palestinian civilians, the US blamed the victims (this is like blaming the American passengers who were in the planes which hit the towers).
I do not think revenge will bring peace to anyone, it has brought worse revenge, as we have seen from WTC I, to WTC II.
I do not think you can teach suicide fighters any lessons, or scare them with any punishment.
Peace will come from Justice.
Sure the responsible individual criminals should be punished, but massive indiscriminate killing and destruction against people who have no fault, wither in Sudan, NY, Baghdad, or DC is wrong, criminal, and will only breed more violence, and hate.

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