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The Scenario

Posted by parhad on September 14, 2001 at 09:28:46:

Looking back you can see Islam and extremists being used as the tool by which oil wealth and land can be stolen with impunity. The kinds of extremes in Muslim society have been exacerbated and brought to the fore...Fundamentalists have been allowed free rein to seize power and have been allowed to remain in power just so they would give Islam a bad name to Westerners, Americans especially who have to be some of the most proudly ignorant people in the world.

Imagine what years of rule by Pat Robertson and Oral Roberts and any number of the idiotic fundamentalist extremists we have in America would have done to this country and our image abroad?

Khomeni, Saddam, the Taliban, have been a godsend...well more like a CIA-send, to American business interests. These goons will give the world such a skewed view of Islam that any measure chosen for retaliation will be approved...with the "beneficial" result that even more extremists will rise to the fore so this can all escalate till profits soar, corporations get fat and Israel owns Lebanon.

Wouldn't it be a great irony if Israel's real target WAS the United States and to a lesser degree all of Europe? What revenge that would be for 2000 years of Christian sponsored brutality against this small people, once so nearly wiped so powerfully influencing the fate of the entire world from that small patch of sand. Power to them, the West had it coming...but what a terrible price everyone else will pay.

How easy it would be now to point the finger at Iraq...who now protests the 12 year bombing of that country...who would rise up to defend it if once the media target it?

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