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Do you want me to explain your own text to you ?

Posted by andreas on September 14, 2001 at 10:38:22:

In Reply to: Re: Minor questions to AUA ... posted by parhad on September 14, 2001 at 08:55:25:

Do you want me to explain your own text to you ?

At least you put together some fine ingredients.
After a bit of weeding out and cleaning and re-loading with content plus donating some syntactic-semantic links and structure, well, maybe it can be put to some use or the other or ...

Are you really not interested in what you possibly might have said?

Now a question:
Despite of all Parhadiocy you're featuring you seem to have an - even limited - critical eye for the morass you live in the USA (not only the Assyrian).

Could you please give some impressions of the political/psychological climate in Amiland as you experience and judge it?

.. or whatever you strive to be on your value scale....

Thanks in advance.

: Well put Andreas, the confluence of retaliatory thinking prognosticated as it is on an ever sliding scale of horrors reminiscent of the biblical incantation and oft quoted phrase..."Oh Drop Ye Dead"...reminds one of the meagre mind-set of those reactionary visionaries who trumpet their own amnuensis while conflatulating hyperbolic redundancies of the comtonctous sembillinaries adjacent to, and indeed acting as pre-requistes for an ontological skitsacatological anaylsis of the whole which I, in part, can offer a total analysis of...and if that doesn't settle this dispute, I don't know what will.

: But seriously, am too busy now, will check back later after you've had a chance to absorb above from below.

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