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Re: Unintended Consequences

Posted by David Chibo on September 14, 2001 at 10:46:46:

In Reply to: Unintended Consequences posted by parhad on September 14, 2001 at 10:06:36:


During this time I cannot help but have so much love for the Iraqi people. They must be the most tolerant and beautiful people on the face of the planet.
Allow me to explain.

After this tragedy occurred in America. News reports of an Islamic school bus being stoned, a Maronite church being vandalised and teenage Middle Eastern females being verbally abused amongest other hate crimes began appearing in the Australian media.
Everything was crazy, Anglo Saxon rednecks couldn't even tell the difference between religion much the less the country of origin.
As far as these rednecks were concerned we're all "darkies" to them.

Yes you guys know what I'm talking about especially in the U.S. That double glance at you in the subway, that worried look people have when travelling in an elavator with you.
You'd better undo your top buttons another notch boys!
And while you're at it, buy a bigger gold chain............"But Mister Whiteman we're not with THEM! We're Christian!"

Meanwhile in the Middle East the Christian coalition killed another 5,000 Iraqi children, the majority of them were Muslims.
Yet we heard no hate crimes against our Christian minority in Iraq by the dominant Muslim majority.....our people were not blamed for this Genocide either this month, last month, or the months to come.

The "Uncle Tom" French, I believe, printed a slogan this week stating "Today we are all Americans".
Following that example I'd like to state for the world to read "Today I am an Iraqi!"

As for the "freedom loving" white men I pray they are just half as tolerant of our people, both Christian and Muslim, as the magnificant and innocent Iraqi people have been to our Assyrian people in Iraq.


: One of the "suspects" has a last name very similar to that of one of our respected contributors.... "Atta" is close enough to "Atto" for discomfort.

: One idiotic slip from one idiot and Jeff gets a hostile glance or two. And the world wags on...

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