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Moment of Truth

Posted by parhad on September 14, 2001 at 11:33:07:

With all due respect I see the logo used by AINA to condemn the terrorists attacks totally inappropriate. The terrorist attacks are not about Christianity and Islam. Such intertpretations are backward and harmful and must not be advocated by Assyrian groups.

I cordially ask you to remove the logo and replace it by a logo which would truly represent the American spirit.

Regards Tony Khoshaba

>>>And that, boys and girls, is the whole and entire truth about Assyrian Christian "activism". It is a thinly disguised attack on Islam, bending and using whatever means and facts with this one goal in slander Moslems enough that the United States will "give" us our land back. And you can see in that how Simele came to be and probably a hundred other such confrontations. Any and all Assyrian Christians killed in the process are just collateral damage to these guys. Of course they wont get a damn thing from anyone except the contempt they so richly deserve...but like their predecessors, they will cause additional pain and loss to Assyrian Christians in the MidEast who will pay the price for this heedles "Activism".

Our Heritage has become one of hatred...and our legacy to our young will also be Hatred.

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