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Re: Proposal to Build a Mosque In Manhattan

Posted by Nahla on September 14, 2001 at 23:05:09:

In Reply to: Proposal to Build a Mosque In Manhattan posted by parhad on September 13, 2001 at 08:58:16:

: For all you Assyrian Christians who feel its a tragic shame that Moslems frown on churches being built in Iraq...who believe the Kurds arrested and tortured an Assyrian man because he tried to rebuild a church, who demand the right to worship publicly your Christian faith in Baghdad...consider a proposal to the people of New York to build a Mosque in Manhattan this commemorate any American Muslims who may have been killed in those attacks.

: How do you suppose such a plan would be greeted? What do you think would happen to the handful of Muslims who showed up to start construction? How do you think they would be treated if they insisted they were REAL Muslims, not the kinds who attack innocent victims(Islam and Christianity both view suicide as a sin). What if they wanted to pray in public...gather at Central Park for an Islamic prayer vigil? Do you actually think enraged American Christians have the time or inclination to make these kinds of distinctions right now... or is every Muslim and every Arab...even a Christian Arab...suspect and an easy to get at target?

: What if a handful of Muslims at a Forum called "Islamic aina" situated in Europe began denouncing the treatment of "innocent" Muslims by the American people and the Manhattan District Attorney...what if they said the bastard Christians deserved it? How do you think that would affect Americans in their treatment of innocent American Muslims??

: What do you think?

Americans don't just talk the talk of freedom..they walk the walk. They fight for the very thing you oppress. Those "Americans" who cannot make distinctions between a few MURDERERS and me, are not American in spirit, but ignorant, irrational and insecure...which I am sure you can relate. If your religion is threatened by another's prescence and you consider it a violation...then make no have missed the mark for which your God intended you to focus. For what good is any religion if it's people have focused on violence and hatred and rights to land. Open your eyes, God doesn't care.

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