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The Honorable and the opportunistic

Posted by Ir@qi on September 15, 2001 at 03:07:40:

Few low lives have been trying to take advantage of the NY/DC tragedy to encourage crimes against Arabs and Muslims. Unfortunately not all of these people are Zionists, and Red Necks. Some of them Sadly are Christian Fanatics, and opportunistic so called Assyrians.
They came in fast waving in their Crosses, to fan the hate against Arabs and Muslims, giving to whom it may concern, a blank check to go massacre our people, and destroy our land more than they have already done.
They came up with crusaders's logo like that of AINA, and letters like that of John Namrod.
These people not only would sell the land which fed them to climb one step of the Vultures ladder, but they would sell the Assyrian people who will be in some of these routinely targeted countries, they will sell them
for the sake of a free invitation to a political cocktail party.
But most Assyrians are Honorable, faithful people, just like Tony Khoshaba, and many many like him.
He did not swallow this bloody cross, with all the devils hiding behind it, so he stood up, and took a courageous stand, and other followed him.

The AINA logo about Terrorist attacks
Posted by Tony Khoshaba on Friday, 14 September 2001, at 8:08 a.m.
With all due respect I see the logo used by AINA to condemn the terrorists attacks totally inappropriate. The terrorist attacks are not about Christianity and Islam. Such intertpretations are backward and harmful and must not be advocated by Assyrian groups.
I cordially ask you to remove the logo and replace it by a logo which would truly represent the American spirit.
Regards Tony Khoshaba

"On behalf of the half million Assyrians of America and millions of Assyrians throughout the world we pledge to you our support and to the course of action that you take in finding and bringing to justice the terrorists who have committed this act of inhumanity.
The Christian Assyrians have experienced first hand the terrible acts of injustice in the form of genocide where two thirds of the Nation was massacred in W.W.I and thousands more at Semele, Iraq in 1933. In the last 150 years our forefathers came to America and have helped build this great country and sought religious freedom and liberty.
We thank the leaders of America and the Government for making this the greatest nation on earth. We ask you to stand strong, punish those who are guilty, help heal the wounds of our people and assure the countries of the world that we will remain the symbol of freedom.
Our prayers go out to you, all government officials, to all suffering Americans and to the families and friends who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.
Sen. John J. Nimrod Secretary General "

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