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Demonisation 101

Posted by David Chibo on September 15, 2001 at 12:13:06:

For years we saw it the demonisation of the Arabs.
Movies such as Arnold Shwarzenneger's movie 'True Lies'
which depicted crazed and psychotic Arab terrorists bungling any attempt to kill Arnold.

Contrast that to another movie this one was Bruce Wiliis's 'Die Hard' which showed slick, sleek and professional European terrorists
who were highly trained and disciplined and gave Bruce a run for his money.

Not hard to tell what Hollywood's agenda was.

In fact before WW2 Hollywood broadcast rascist film of the Japanese pilots showing experts who stated that the Japanese pilot would never be able to fly an aeroplane.
His eyesight was totally unsuitable for flying an aeroplane.

The Japs showed the British and the Americans how well they could fly.
In one move they almost succeeded in wiping out the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour.

Hollywood has failed America once again. This time it's the Arabs who proved them wrong.

Not only were these guys highly trained, highly sophisticated, highly motivated and professional, they were not crazy, according to a psychologist interviewed last night, and who had studied acouple of them.

The demonisation had been proven wrong.

CNN and NBC two of the biggest News and media organisations in the world have done an excellent job in continuing to separate them from "normal-western-white-folk".
This time they are using Islam as an excuse to separate any feelings the common American could have for them and to demonise them further.

All is going according to plan.
The majority of the American public and the majority of the "Uncle Tom" Assyrians have fallen into line and given Bush a green-light to start a ground war if need be.

Is it just me or does this sound crazy?

I mean John Nimrod, with all due respect, do you understand the repercussions of providing Bush with our blessing to destroy Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and any other Middle Eastern country that gets in it's way?
They've said that states will be wiped out. States in which we have people licing in them.

When they start drafing Assyrian men from Chicago to fly to the Middle East and kill Assyrian men in Iraq it will be because entire nations and community leaders such as yourself were indoctrinated by the State department controlled CNN and NBC.

Ashur help us all!

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