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Posted by parhad on September 15, 2001 at 13:32:32:

All over the news reports you see teary eyed Americans holding flags telling how they love their country even MORE now that it's been attacked...that they will rally round and put aside petty differences and unite in this hour of dare anyone think America will take this lying down...we will NEVER forget...I want ALL MUSLIMS dead...this from Americans who have no clue of history or comparative religions. and who couldn't find Texas on a map of the United States..NOTHING.

I've said for years that the American education system is a marvel of efficiency...where else and how else could you produce such a passle of dummies, easily led by the nose.

I see how far removed Americans are from Humanity...from common bonds and understanding, sympathy and empathy with other people...and Literature as well as history abounds with incidents in which this kind of arrogance, this Hubris, this seeing oneself cut off from "them"...leads to to self-destruction. America is getting ready to destroy America.

How can people in this country...people who now feel outraged that their citizens should be targeted, people ready to declare war on they know not whom...but will leap to slit the throat of the person their government first points can they not understand what Iraqis and Palestinians and Guatemalans have felt this way for so long? And they too felt the same "determination" to avenge the horrible injustices they endured.

Actually though the Natives of South America hardly ever fought back...but in Islam and Puritan America there is that same stiff necked obstinancy of the old Testament Jews...and this strain comes from them down to us today and will not offer compromise or good sense or tolerance...these fanatics are the descendants of the same people who killed man woman child and suckling babe, "even he that pisseth" because their GOD told them to....they feel each of them empowered by this sort of a Mad Diety to seek whatever revenge they feel will please that bloodletting criminal.

Don't Americans think the Cubans the Iraqis the Palestinians all feel the same urge to unite behind their leaders, to put aside differences, even good sense and humanity, in order to pull together and fight to protect their way of life? What the hell is the difference between a grieving American widow and a widow in Ramallah OR Tel Aviv, or Baghdad or or or?

The only thing that will salvage this situation is the feeling of a common bond with all humanity...the hell with their religions and regional conflicts...the world is one, it is a smaller place than ever...either we learn to live with our differences or no one, not even America, will escape the wrath of vengeance which lies waiting in the breast of each and every one of us.

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