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Hmmmmm !!!

Posted by Ir@qi on September 16, 2001 at 00:04:24:

-We are told that the people who committed the crime in NY/DC are fanatic Muslim, motivated by religion,
then we hear that they were at a topless bar in Florida, drinking Booze like a fish on 9/10/01, and the guy called 3ata did not want to pay the bill to the night club (I watched the interview with owner of the club).
A fanatic Muslim drinking alcohol in a topless bar ?? and the day before he die ?? would you give up heaven so easily ? couldn't he stay sober one more day instead of blowing his chance to go paradise which he fanaticasization about all his life ??? How come none of this army of ME experts, every TV station have (most are Israeli) did not pick up on this point strange point ? Hmmmmm !!!
- We are told first few days that the dead in WTC are more than 20 thousands, although the insurance companies where saying they did the contact, and the missing are 5 thousands. Did "they" want the US to get too angry, and too excited, too fast, so that America is pushed into a quick savage revenge against the wrong people, and then come back and again and kill the correct people ?
-We were told that the brothers Ameer and Adnan Bukhari were among the criminals, and they gave us the flight number each one flew on to WTC (each brother was in a different plan), and they showed us their pictures, and their family pictures on TV...., only to find out yesterday that they had nothing to do with this, and actually one of the 2 brothers died a while ago. Well they told the Bukharis Soooorrrry, it is a Typo...
I wonder how many other mistakes like this is they have made ??
- I still do not believe that Arabs did this, impossible, Arabs can not be so sophisticated, intelligent, confident, steady handed,
right on target, very efficient, reliable, .....I do not think the German or the Israeli can be so reliable. This is not praising this criminal act, but to analyse this from a technical point, this operation will go down as one of the most daring, well planned, and executed operation in human history. I do not think if you had a team of Napoleon, Rommel, Montgomery, and Paten together they would have been able to plane, and execute a more genius, and perfectly done operation than this (as criminal as it is).
Remember these terrorist used plastic knifes, yet they ended punching and breaking the front teeth of the only the most powerful superpower, in its own front yard !
The invasion of Normandy, and Al- Alameen battle will not even come close to this.
- The US monitor Iraq's sky, sea, and land 24 hours a day/7days a week, Not even a Humming bird can go into the wide skis of Iraq without the US stoping it, searching it, and picking its feathers.
How in the hell did these amateurs fly 4 slow big jets, each half an hour or more apart, and none of the US Humongous security apparatus could find about them or stop them ????
Were are these Satellite, zillions of all kind of military planes, millions of people who work in hundred of different security forces, and the Trillions of Billions of Dollars of tax money spent on the most expensive
military/security systems ?
CNN found out what is going on, and showed it on TV, and gave the authority enough warning time, yet 2 more planes achieved their sad missions, including on the Bentagon which has all kind of protections !!!
These 19 young terrorist did the work of a well funded army, without weapons, explosives, or even paying a fuel bill.
Damn terrorist !!!!

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