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Posted by parhad on September 16, 2001 at 10:42:07:

There isn't any. There isn't gonna BE any. Our European allies will not stomach it for one thing. This notion that Europe and the whole world is included is ridiculous...the target was the United States plain and simple, and for reasons that many Americans themselves understand full well.

From the same wellspring of outrage and defiance and a desire for revenge which now burns in every American patriot's heart...came the same urge in every outraged Iraqi, Palestinian and other Arab speaking patriot's heart. There is nothing unusual or hard to fathom about this murderous desire to "get even" which found expression in there was nothing unusual about it in every Arab breast for all these years.

In any "fair" battle the loser, no matter how heavily outnumbered, can accept defeat. It is not the defeat in War which makes people so bitter and grimly resolved to strike back in any way imaginable...even the German's after World War One would not have have rallied together to scourge the world once again in 20 short years had it not been for the Reparations which the treaty of Versailles forced upon them which led to economic ruin and the creation of just the right mood for hatred and the Nazi party to take root.

It wasn't Iraq's defeat in the Gulf War, or Palestine's in the war of 1948 which laid the ground for the seething hatred which has boiled to the was the treatment of the people after the war was over, the systematic grinding away at their sense of self and pride, their daily and annual humiliations and deprivations while the whole world stood by mouthing platitudes about "love" and "peace" and "democracy" and "freedom" and a host of ideas and ideals which seemed to be denied to these "enemies" forever and ever as their just reward for EVER having dared to do what all nations have done...improve their lot in life by any means at hand.

I recognize Israel's right to a country, to THAT country. I also understand that it was Christianity's fault that Jews were brought to a state so desperate that they could see they would be hated wherever they settled...and had ample proof that they were not "welcome" in Europe any longer, and that anywhere in the world they settled would be a hostile place, an unwelcoming place...and so why not be unwelcome and hated in their ancestral homelands?

This was incredibly unfair to the Palestinians who'd had nothing to do with 2000 years of Christian teachings which blamed the Jews for the death of Christ and a whole host of imagined ills laid at their doorstep ever since.

The Arab world should have acted courageously, with magnanimity and brotherly feeling...we ARE Brothers...and taken them in. There was room, there would soon be amazing wealth..and there would have been peace. It's too much to expect I know...but how much longer will we go on paying?

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