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Wm Get's it Wrong...again

Posted by parhad on September 16, 2001 at 16:54:43:

"Equal rights for women is against Islamic teaching,"

Wm Dim

>>>I challenge you to show us any other 640 AD, of ANY religious or other leader, who started life working for the woman he would later marry. Muhammad worked for Aisha, an older and wealthy woman who moved merchandise, and him.

And though he had other wives, he remained with and faithful to, Aisha...his only love.

Islam, as Muhammad PRACTICED it was far and away more respectful of woman's rights. The idiots of modern Islam, as the ones in Christianity, add what they want and interpret as they need. If this country was run by Jerry Falwell and Robertson you'd see religious fanaticism, including the subjugation of the Baptists announced a few years ago that woman was subordinate to Man because some stupid book said so 2000 years's that for the latest thinking on a topic??

There is a very strong desire to get us "closer to God" by putting his ugly mug in every aspect of our lives...only the Constitution stands between us that awful day..and Bush and many others are chipping away at it like in this current "War".

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